Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What makes Isms evil?

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Ism turns a previously good word into something bad or evil...

Community vs Communism
Social vs Socialism
Liberal vs Liberalism
Progressive vs Progressivism
Collect vs Collectivism

OK. well the last one is sort of a stretch, but that is exactly what this is about: collectivism.

My answer (my blog) to what makes isms evil is simple, really. A word means something good or evil depending on: who does 'it' benefit?

The first words (community, social, liberal, progressive...) benefit an individual or a free act by the individual and are usually good, ok, fine, worthwhile, happy, etc. Examples:
  • "A fine man in the community" describes an individual who has benefitted his own group with some type of good will.
  • "She has great social skills" is a friendly outgoing 'people person' who can relate well to various other types of people.
  • "A liberal helping of mash potatoes" is a generous and desired heap 'o' spuds.
  • "Those ideas can help progess our company" is good thing to hear by any up and coming worker who wants to advance in their company ranks.

OK, on to the second set of words: who benefits from Communism, Socialism, Liberalism or Progressivism? This time: a person benefits only if something is forcefully taken from another individual (aka money).

Therein lies the rub.

These Isms turn good words bad and are definitely not a good deal for the first individual who gets taken... Alas, Isms don't care about the first individual only that they are a means to an end of giving something to a recipient. Who is the recipient? Anyone the collectivist thinks is the victim. No matter if money is taken from a rich man and given to a poor man (victim). The rich man can do without.

Problem with this logic is the explained by I believe Margaret Thatcher (or could be someone else) who said "the problem with socialism is one usually runs out of spending other people's money"

So in my brief example, if you take (in the name Ism) from the rich guy over and over again just to give it to the poor guy... pretty soon there won't be any more rich guys.

Do Ism proponents see that? Nope, not at all! Unfortunately, all they see is the so-called victim-of-their-choosing got something so the Isms can feel good about themselves as benefactors... (so sorry ex rich guy - you lose)....

... and THAT my friends is the evil part

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... perhaps waiting for some death panel decisions?

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