Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wheat Ridge, CO - billboard talking points

Weird day today... Apparently convicted felon Martha Stewart called Sarah Palin "dangerous"... oooooh, I'm sure Sarah P. is shaking in her boots ... wow, liberal media is pretty desparate to trot out ol' Martha-the-jailbird... since her criticisms are sooo meaningful! The left just can't stop talking about Sarah Palin no matter how hard they try! (ride coat tails much people?)...
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I saw the above picture of this billboard on a couple different news & blogs today but LameCherry's descriptions of it were a HOOT in his column "Obama's Anal Examination" (you betcha his site is quite quirky if you couldn't guess):
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First, we examine the issue of race.

Mr. Obama ran as a black man in making race the issue to get guilt ridden or horny women to vote for him in Jungle Fever. He being 50% white, 38% Arab and only 12% black is the one defaming blacks which the ADL should be looking into as he is impersonating the black experience for political gain.

Second, we examine the jihad issue.

First, we know Mr. Obama has a Muslim name in Barack Hussein Obama. His heritage is Islamic, he attended Islamic teaching in Indonesia, lived and vacationed in Islamic nations and was called Isalm's own son by Libyan Khadaffi.
Mr. Obama was bowing to the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia who guards the shrines to Islam. He did not bow to Queen Elizabeth where his 50% white heritage stems from, but bowed to his 38% heritage.

Second, we know that Mr. Obama constantly allowed hisself to be called a messiah, had halo pictures produced and never once stopped liberal publications terming him a "god".

Third, the definition of jihad is a holy war. Mr. Obama has made hisself a religious icon and he has been extremely busy making extermination war on "bad" terrorists while befriending "good" terrorists.
He has released the Lockerbie bomber of Libyan oil contracts, taken in 300 million dollars in illegal Muslim Middle Eastern 2008 campaign donations, has awarded Muslim Syria which has been exposed as assisting al Qaeda against America and has done nothing to stop the Persian communists from creating more nuclear bombs.

Fourth, Mr. Obama was hisself photographed in Kenya wearing a Muslim turban and later in Egypt was sporting the "Muslim look" in addressing the public there in his unshaven Arafat beard.

Barack Hussein Obama fits all the qualifications for jihad and all of the dead Muslims can attest this is indeed a war Mr. Obama is engaged in.
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Lame Cherry can be damn funny when he wants! Click here to read the rest.

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