Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1.7% or what real science of "warming" looks like

Stats I read today: all of mankind's pollution, jet plane exhaust, car engine fumes, factory belching and cow farting ALL adds up to approximatly 1.7% of the CO2 in our atmosphere.

1.7% from man...

The other 98.3% occurs naturally...

At Pajama' Media: read a good recap about "Global warminggate" and emails, information "leaked" (?) from the British Climate Research Unit. Quite enlightening ...

HEY Goracle... the debate is just getting warmed up!

And down here in NZ, this Saturday, the NZ ACT party, which doesn't believe in global warming (yea!), is showing "Not Evil, Just Wrong" in Newmarket. Not everyone is a blind greenie - sweet!

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