Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why we need a rodeo clown

If bull is coming at you, it is good to have a rodeo clown running interference...
* * *
Click to read a superb article in American Thinker today comparing Fox News' Glenn Beck to a rodeo clown.
Why the comparison? ? ? For starters:

It may look like fun and games to the people in the stands, but this is serious business, and not just any clown can do it.

... and the article goes on.
Great intro though, wasn't it?
The comments were almost as good as the article itself. So I thought I'd re-post a few of them:

About Beck:

Is Beck the pea under Princess PINO's mattress?

In the future, Beck will be known as a refounder.

Beck knows this is not about one man, it's about layers of communist serpents slithering over layers of lies.

Many of my Anglo friends in Israel also watch FOX for their real time news. Beck and Hannity are the favorites around this neck of the woods.

GB has been saying to forget the D and the R after a candidate's name. Focus on what matters and hold them to the fire regardless of their party affiliation.

Glenn uses facts, often showing these low-lifes speaking of their beliefs, or, as they say, being hoisted on their own petards.

Glenn heals through humor with a big dose from the syrup bottle of truth----wrapped up in the Constitution!!

PINO's problem is this: There are now too many free speech outlets for him to try to control. PINO's got to silence Internet news outlets, blogs, cable TV (hundreds of stations), satellite radio, terrestrial radio, cell phones, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube. If he continues to try to silence the Glenn Becks, he will continue to slip in the polls and bring the Left down with him. It's a comical game of whack-a-mole.

and last but not least, an insightful comment about the 'people' running things at present:

Progressive communists, as do all criminals, hate publicity. They hate and fear it because they live in a web of terror and greed.

...love those smart people at A.T.
keep on rockin' it Glenn, baby ...

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