Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time to wake up - or has tipping point been reached?

"Wake up America, everything will not be okay. Splash some cold water in your face and look in the mirror. Shake off the grog, the indifference, the despair and depression. Wake up and focus, at all cost. We must refuse to become well adjusted to a morally, politically and fiscally sick society. We must refuse to allow ourselves to be distracted. We must save the Republic. We must save freedom."
The state governor elections in VA and NJ give me hope Americans are now awake and fully engaged in taking the country back from the progressive loonies currently 'in charge'. Time to stop complying! Perhaps Go Galt?!
What a crazy week.
Tues the historic elections.
Thurs: 20,000+ protestors at Capitol supporting Michele Bachman. 'Kill the bill' chanted outside the building and in the hallways. Hopefully democrats heard it and now fear for their jobs. They should be scared!
Then the Fort Hood shootings and PINO's outrageous comments in the 4 minute speech supposedly to comfort families, sooth a scared country and comment on the shootings. Nope, no comfort happened there!
He rambled for 2 minutes, gave a 'shout out' to someone then mentions the Fort Hood tragedy in non-sympathetic way. What obvious hatred he has for our military.
Even NBC in Chicago called PINO's reaction "frightening insensitivity" from a disconnected president. NBC's article closes with "All the president's men (and women) fell down on the job Thursday. And Democrats across the country have real reason to panic. "
I love how an awesome a lady police woman is the hero of Fort Hood. She shot the on-a-personal-jihad muzzie-ass 4 times. He is a muslim named Hasan who is unhappy the USA is killing muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. The koran tells him exactly what to do (in several documented places): kill the non muslims, kill apostates who leave islam. Watch Fitna for an eduction on that.
Col Allen West, running for Republican seat in FL weights in the military must watch the muslims in the ranks: USA military has been infiltrated by the enemy. Damn straight! Allen West is great and on target of course.
After this week... the tipping point may have finally been reached. America might just be awake now!

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