Monday, December 13, 2010

Will Palin attend Auckland indian wedding?

So besides myself, Sarah Palin must have at least 1 other fan here in Auckland. She's been invited, along with PM John Key, to some lavish indian wedding planned for Jan 6-8th. The media is invited. has the story.

Thanks to Reaganite Republican for the tip!

Do media seeking people want to invite people who attract the media? ... Hmm, Palin attracts media like bees to honey.

I can confirm the weather IS lovely here in January = summer.


  1. Interesting couple, eh? Like to hear more about their political views and guest list... hmmm.

    And I see it's 70 degrees down there... I don't think I like you anymore lol

  2. lol... yep, bit humid and muggy this week... but my garden is going great so loving it!

    we attended a Christmas party at a beachfront restaurant yesterday, but it was raining... so life isn't perfect down here... (but I still don't miss snow too much!) haha