Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pro-communism & anti-Americanism still duping people

If you don't love America, leave it.

Hollywood still pushes pro-communism and anti-Americanism. This started back when McCarthy was investigating those in Hollywood... well, McCarthy was right.

The commies are still in Hollywood. Matt Damon and Sean Penn are just a few...

Above book Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century reveals Communist Influence on Hollywood:

From Darin Miller at Breitbart: "Director Elia Kazan new the truth. He was once a Communist, but was kicked out of the Party after refusing to follow orders. He testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and was attacked for it. He wrote in his diary, “I’d hated the Communists for many years and didn’t feel right about giving up my career to defend them.” Unfortunately, many in Hollywood held it against him for years.

And Arthur Miller, who portrayed these trials as witch hunts? He applied to join CPUSA, and admitted to helping Communist front groups.

I find it interesting that the left continues to use one of the favorite strategies of Communism – name-calling – on a regular basis. Kengor quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald on this: “The important thing is that you should not argue with [Communists],” Fitzgerald said. “Whatever you say, they have ways of twisting it into shapes which put you in some lower category of mankind, ‘Fascist,’ ‘Liberal,’ ‘Trotskyist,’ and disparage you both intellectually and personally in the process.” Liberals use this strategy today when dealing with social conservatives or with Tea Partiers.

“One of the greatest successes of the left…has been its ability to discredit anti-Communism and anti-Communists,” Kengor said. “They stereotype and broad-bush anti-Communists, trying their best to push every new stalwart anti-Communist into their ever-widening category of ‘another Joe McCarthy,’ of which there were far more than Joe McCarthy. Long before Joe McCarthy, the left was smearing liberals like Woodrow Wilson’s attorney general, Alexander Mitchell Palmer, Wilson himself, and Democrats in Congress like Martin Dies, the first head of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, all for the unforgivable sin of strident anti-Communism. Believe me, that’s a short list of the anti-Communists that the left crucified.”

Kengor’s non-partisan approach to looking at Communist influences in America led him to defend many liberals, and also hold conservative-loved dupes accountable. Take Ronald Reagan for instance. He was a duped liberal before he became a staunch anti-Communist and then a conservative.

“Reagan was very candid about this,” Kengor said. “I’ve tried to be honest in this book, highlighting even political heroes of mine – like Reagan – who were once duped. But it was what he learned from that experience that helped convert him into arguably the greatest anti-Communist. He became first a chastened liberal, which was part of a deeper, wider awakening.”

Speaking of Reagan, I asked Kengor about the status of the Reagan film that will be based on his books. “We’re plugging away,” he said. “Ronald Reagan was a great, inspiring historical figure. The man merits a major, serious ‘bio-pic’ that accurately represents what he did and how he helped change the world for the better. This is another area of history that we can’t leave to the extreme left.”
Got that? Even one of America's greatest conservative presidents - was duped by pro-communist Hollywood influences.
Don't let yourself by duped by leftist, statist, communist LIES.


  1. I take it that those who do not love NZ should leave ?

  2. This post was about America.

    People living in America who don't like it, have been duped by leftists, think the US Constitution is old and want to "fundamentally transform America" to not to be a constitutional republic any more: yep they should leave.

    I read the first act of the new USA congress will be to read the US Constitution aloud. Good first step...

    I hear lots of NZers do leave NZ... for better paying jobs... mostly in Australia...

  3. So I will take it as a yes that you are leaving NZ.
    Of course kiwis can go back and forwards from Aus, they are not Americans with no automatic rights to enter Aust.

    The US Constitution is old, hell I stayed in Brit pubs that are a damn sight older.

  4. Everyone leaves somewhere some day. I've got a great list of questions for you... see my latest post. Got any answers?

    Re: the USA constitution. Jealous much?

  5. Oh dear, my cousin's son a US Marine captain sent me this.

    A brave Republican running like a rabbit from a liberal veteran.
    Damn, And conservatives are the types to rant they did not wait to be called up, they all saw as much combat as John Wayne (none)
    Poor sod the mere thought of going for a nice little walk in the forest M60 to hand bought him out in a panic attack.
    So, do you support chickenhawk types ?
    Like Reagan ?


  6. The fact that the US Constitution CAN be read at Congress opening says it all.
    At around 12 pages in original form it is a masterpiece of clarity and brevity.
    Beginning with that famous phrase "We, the People", it stacks up very well against a ?modern
    document such as the EU constitution at 500+ pages and begins with "His majesty the king of the Belgians"??!!.
    Or maybe the UN charter at 200+ pages.
    I for one would like to see these documents read out at both assemblies and their authors made to sit through said reading and be kept awake with cattle prods!.

  7. anonymous, you need to stop following sites like the "DailyKos" or "Huffington Post". These are statist propaganda.

    Yes, nzgarry, there are millions of Americans who WANT a return to limited Federal government and following what the US constitution states.

    I think the next two years there will be more and more states reclaiming their sovereignty. After all, the USA fed gubmit was formed ONLY with authority given to it by the STATES. The behemoth fed gubmits needs to be made LOTS smaller...