Thursday, December 16, 2010

Courageous LTC Lakin found guilty, now has "standing"?

what is "bravery" to you?

From WND "Court martial convicts Lakin on 4th count":

"The possible penalties include dismissal as well as up to 42 months in prison.

Lakin openly admits he willfully chose to disobey orders to deploy to Afghanistan over concerns that his orders were not lawful. Lakin is not sure whether President Barack Obama is a legitimate commander-in-chief of the armed forces because Obama has failed to prove he is eligible under the U.S. Constitution to occupy the Oval Office.

Lakin deliberately exposed himself to a court martial in the hope of forcing Obama, during the "discovery" process, to prove he is eligible to serve as president by producing identity documents including his birth certificate. Lakin hoped the documents would establish whether Obama is a "natural born Citizen," as required of any American president by Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution."

Question: if they put him in prison, won't he then have "standing"? He could very well be a plaintiff in another eligibility trial if so, meeting the elusive standing requirement.

And why does this matter anyway? TheWon is acting POTUS...right? or is he? Couple good articles today on this.

Canada Free Press explains why this is STILL important and relevant especially for anyone who wants to believe the USA constitution still matters:

"Many Republicans and conservatives, under the influence of their Kool-Aid induced agendas, have described the eligibility issue as a “distraction” from the real issues. The majority of Democrats and progressives, for obvious reasons, have resorted to associating the issue with race, bigotry and hatred. Together, detractors of this issue from both sides have engaged in the methodical marginalization of the message and mocking those who dare act as the messengers.

What could be more fundamentally important than ensuring that the person at the helm of our country, the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military in the world, the holder of the keys to the nation’s nuclear lockbox is indeed constitutionally eligible to hold this office? I see more outrage on Sunday afternoons by grown men living vicariously by dressing up in the jersey of their favorite football player when a receiver is declared ineligible.

Despite rabid and consistently incorrect assertions to the contrary, Barack Hussein Obama has not provided one single item of authenticated evidence to prove that he is a natural born citizen and thusly qualified to be president as defined by Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution. Not only has he not provided such documentation, he has fought long and hard, and spent what many reliable reports suggest as well over a million dollars against releasing his birth certificate and numerous other documents relevant to his background.

It is not within the scope of this article nor is it my intent to discuss the definition of natural born citizen, the “Vattell Theory,” or other technical matters related to this issue beyond this one fact: Obama could have been born in the middle of the White House lawn at noon on a crowded weekday with John, Jackie and Rose Kennedy serving as witnesses, and with Teddy serving the drinks, but that, by itself, does not make him eligible to hold the office of President of the United States."

OK, yep, still important the truth comes out. Couple theories out there: this person either a) really doesn't have a USA birth certificate and born elsewhere or b) perhaps biologically not what has been stated.
  • Perhaps Stanley Ann's father is the true birth father with some black prostitute. (one theory)
  • Perhaps TheWon is a spawn of Malcolm X (another theory)
  • or perhaps just an adopted baby from Indonesida (yet another theory).

If his birth father is who TheWon has stated, he is a Kenyan/British citizen or Indonesian citizen (the Soetoro adoption)... not eligible.

Did the CIA and leftist-marxist-communist forces all create the perfect usurper storm that is TheWon?

America can't figure it out if there ain't a real "birth certificate"! (the fake COLB means nothing)

AT has a good article describing LTC Lakin's bravery "Crucible of a hero":

"When Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, M.D. walks out of the chamber where he has faced a court-martial this week, he will emerge -- regardless of the verdict -- a towering American hero.

Nothing like the stupendous display which he has mounted -- of principled, sustained self-sacrifice and fearless defiance -- has been seen in decades on the American political stage. Together with the peril of actual battlefield engagement, it ranks alongside the greatest courageous stances even of the American Revolution itself. Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale -- those kinds of stances.

This case is of shatteringly great significance, and if you don't know about it, well, you can thank the cowards, commies, and crooks at your favorite mainstream media Bureau of Disinformation, National Desk. Lt. Col. Lakin has been abandoned by the establishment press, dastards and lackeys almost to a one. Terry Lakin is putting at risk his own life, his own fortune, and his own sacred honor. He has invited his own court-martial, scorn, possible conviction, and disapprobation; loss of rank, position, and pension; loss of the future; danger to family and impoverishment; and possible hard jail time at Leavenworth. All this for the exalted goal of fealty to a Constitution his every step of the way towards protecting which is blocked by the government that administered the oath he took, and which oath he must contravene only to be able to honor it in the extreme. The greatness of battlefield valor stands elsewhere; this is bravery of another order."

"This is the kind of courage -- after the crawling, burrowing, light-averse invertebrates of the political landscape have long since slithered away and vanished -- that gets statues of a man built in public squares. This kind of courage gets folk songs and laureate poems written for a man, and they will be written for this one. This kind of courage guarantees -- even a hundred years from now -- that parents will still be proud to give their little boys names like Terrence Lakin Jones."

If LTC Lakin goes to jail, he'll definitely have "standing" for another eligibility trial. Do your research at Mario Apuzzo's site to understand.

There will be more lawsuits and trials. HEY C.I.A. and involved-puppeteers, GUESS WHAT: It will not stop until the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH comes out... eventually. It always does...


  1. What on earth is an American moron who supports another moron doing in my country ?
    The Lt Col,they should send him to back to Afghanistan where he can worry about waking up to find he shares the space with a frag, a coward who expected others to do his duty.

    Dear oh dear, a Chinese only NZ rugby team, that is almost as amusing as when a so called American rugby team toured here, not a clue.

    You are one of those small town hard working white Americans living in Titarangi and you believe you have the duty to make slurs about Maoridom.

    Where you thinking of staying much longer in NZ ?

  2. Aaaw, thank you so much for your kindness and tolerance. I can feel the love you have for my opinions wafting towards me on the internet...

    Hint: free speech doesn't mean only nice things

    have a super groovy day now!

  3. p.s. don't worry, National will probably cede sovereignty back to the Maoris at some future point... those hakas will really mean just what they are supposed to mean for anyone trespassing on all-Maori land (pay your toll!)... watch all the non-Maori flee lil' ol NZ then... and taking all the dole and gubmit $$ hand outs with them!! LOL

  4. Kindness and tolerance, LOL, since when ?
    Do not know much about we kiwis do you, we tend to be the passionless people or as was stated by an Aussie, cold hard men from a cold hard country.

    But I am curious,I notice that woman Palin taking advantage of Baroness Thatcher's dementia to try and get, quote, a photo op with her.
    Now the Baroness was a research chemist and a barrister(google) before becoming an MP.
    What is astonishing is that Palin supporters believe that she has the education and intellectual firepower of the Baroness at her best.
    Palin has some real bright ideas if she becomes president,stating the US military should push the Russians out of Georgia,having a tactical nuke wipe out the US invading forces will be a surprise for her.

    True, free speech does not mean being equal to right wing Americans, I see no reason why they should not be tossed out of MY country.

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  6. oh, sorry, didn't know you owned New Zealand... shall I send you my pay check directly then? might be hard because lots of folks will claim to cash it to "anonymous"

    if you don't like Palin or Thatcher or other outspoken, smart women, perhaps that says something about you my friend...

    I support women like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Nikki Haley, Michelle Malkin and many other outspoken women who are all over the political scene in America leading the charge...

    you remember NZ had a lady leader once or does that still chap your hide?

    cheerio mate

  7. I'm curious, do your NZ employers encourage what you wrote about Maoridom ?

  8. anonymous, does yours?

    everyone is entitled to an opinion

    or are they?

  9. Not the sharpest visitor to this country are you ?
    The first amendment has no standing in this country.

  10. well it must be only your opinion that counts then, oh brave anonymous, perhaps you can start up your own pro-whatever-soapbox you like blog and I'll come and harrass you with nonsensical rantings... really, though, this conversation has been very intellectually stimulating... kinda like on a kid's playground "I know you are, but what am I?"

    get a grip and get outta your momma's basement

  11. read this anony-mouse: