Monday, December 6, 2010

Chocolate banana cake weekend highlight

slice of chocolate-banana yum
I made a chocolate-banana cake for my husband's birthday this past Saturday. The recipe was from HealthyFood so must be good for you, right? The recipe called for low fat spread (margarine) and plain low-fat yoghurt. The icing was icing sugar with more yoghurt and chocolate bits. It turned out very moist and quite delicious. Check out the recipe here.
We tidied, cleaned house, vacuumed and readied the food and barbeque to prep for guests. I set out place settings inside and outside. After running around all day, I sat about 1/2 an hour to rest my sore feet around 2:30pm.

Family members turned up 3:30pm+. Weather was bit overcast but no rain so we ate outside. Dad watched a bit of cricket on the tele and after presents were opened and cake was partaken with singing and hip-hip-hoorays stated, a few wandered off for table tennis (ping pong) out in the garage. Some compared their new electronic iPhone or iPod devices while a few looked for my cats who were hiding. 6 people could not find our littlest kitten George. After they searched the house for 5-10 minutes and gave up, I spotted him way up high hiding on top of some clothes in the bedroom closet. I took the troupe back into the bedroom (ssshhh, no talking) where I pointed out the hiding spot. We coaxed George out to get passed around for gentle cuddles then he went back to hiding.
All in all a very nice day...

petunia in bloom last weekend on a hanging planter

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