Friday, December 10, 2010

Gore admits lying about Ethanol just for votes

I'm sure you've heard this, right? In case you missed it, last month HotAir covered Gore-acle admitted lying about Ethanol to get votes from the farm lobby.

Umm, not really.

"Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore said support for corn-based ethanol in the United States was “not a good policy”, weeks before tax credits are up for renewal.

“It is not a good policy to have these massive subsidies for (U.S.) first generation ethanol,” said Gore, speaking at a green energy business conference in Athens sponsored by Marfin Popular Bank.

“First generation ethanol I think was a mistake. The energy conversion ratios are at best very small."

“One of the reasons I made that mistake is that I paid particular attention to the farmers in my home state of Tennessee, and I had a certain fondness for the farmers in the state of Iowa because I was about to run for president.”

What other snake oil will Goracle push next? Oooooh, the BIOFUEL crap!

"Google avaiation biofuels and algae. Then Google Al Gore’s investment into biofuel companies like Abengoa.

Then read this article last week in The Hill, written by none other than Abengoa VP, Christopher G. Standlee: "America needs new investment: In the next generation of biofuels."

Then ponder the Federal lands and wetlands bonanza buy-ups in recent years, even pointed out by our very own Michelle Malkin."

Elites push green CRAP to line their own pockets with MONEY.
Planet be damned.

Why do people even believe anything he or they say?
Now THAT is the shocking part.


And about those true AGW believers? Russell Cook at Climate Realist points out skeptics have been smeared for a few years now:

"Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is a concept supported by only two legs, a so-called consensus of climate scientists claiming it is proven, and the idea that skeptic scientists aren't worth listening to. Almost any internet article or blog written by an AGW believer boils down to that.

Indeed, the explanation of this is greatly offset by the simplicity of the campaign behind the accusation. Its narrative has been so effectively pounded into practically every AGW believer that it can be regurgitated by the dumbest of believers in three points:

1. a scientific consensus says the debate is settled; Fact, end of story.
2. skeptic scientists corrupted by big coal & oil industries seek to 'reposition' the public into believing AGW is not a fact.
3. journalists don't have to give equal weight to skeptic scientists because of the previous two points; they're corrupt, and few in number.

That's it. You are not to question it..."

SCOTUS will hear a global warming case soon... I wonder how that will turn out.

Who cares, right? Let's just pray to gaia and PARTY IN CANCUN!

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