Thursday, December 30, 2010

Knish explains addiction to anti-Americanism

Once a person is addicted to cigarettes, they have trouble quitting don't they. Can humans quit hating something? Change their thought process? Their feelings on a subject? Sure... human beings are capable... if they want to.

Sultan Knish keenly describes anti-Americanism as an addiction: "America as a cartoon villain remains a vital prop in this virtual theme park. It's a vital villain to the left, which forms a revolutionary identity by fighting against the powerful. Not those in the wrong, those with the power. By equating evil with power, greed with wealth, armed forces with war crimes, and ability with crime-- the left's own ideology makes anti-Americanism inevitable. If America is powerful than it must be evil.

Obama has severely hurt America, but he hasn't come close to destroying it. And the Anti-American left doesn't want him to. It needs America as a windmill to tilt against. And if America were to fall, Russia or China would not make nearly as satisfactory a villain. Because they don't look much like daddy and they won't treat their attacks as a game. Without an America to assail, they would be left in a cold world where revolution isn't a game, but a firing squad. Where denouncing the government doesn't bring you book deals, but cold prison cells.

It is that combination of power and fair play that makes America into such an appealing target. Its morality is a perfect target for accusations of hypocrisy. Like children bent on proving their parents wrong, the more America tries to do what's right, the more it's denounced as a monstrous evil regime. That way the game of revolution can go on endlessly. The anti-American junkie's rush of fighting the power, before heading off to work, swollen with self-satisfied outrage at his own moral courage."

"America will still be hated no matter which party and what man sit in power. It will be hated because its haters define their identity through that hatred. Their conspiracy theories enlarge their self-image. Their anti-American activism is a form of petty rebellion by overgrown children. Their sabotage is not policy based, it's ego based. Anti-American is an emotional addiction, not a reasoned policy critique. And there's no way to take the product away from the addict. We are not the problem. They are."

The cure for anti-Americanism?
Recognize the problem.
Stop hating for no reason.
Don't believe statist propaganda.
Research. Think for yourself.
Grow up.
(... might want to think about quitting smoking, too... ick)


  1. Anti-American, ever stopped to consider the reason so many Americans are disliked ?

    Ayn Rand followers who try and live by her mantra are amusing, of course if they flip a car they are not overly keen on finding the cash or gold for the price of rescue as the petrol is dripping.

    They argue that freedom is paramount, yet the same types will argue they have a duty to be helped when THEY need it.

  2. anonymous: you are OUTED! Since the media PERCEPTION makes YOU think "many" Americans are disliked... all you've proved is YOU BUY THE PROPAGANDA!

    that is pretty funny in my book

    did you here China is gearing up for warfare? maybe they'll invade NZ... WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN for YOU!!

    Are you Rand follower? Glad to know you are pro-individualist so EVERYONE is entitled to their OPINION! awesome