Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whittle explains why morality is important


  1. Surprising that your husband allows a stupid woman like you near the computer.
    Or does he agree with the following statement you made , Quote
    (Maori make up 1/2 the people on the dole: that is their way of life. Non Maori NZ taxpayers work so 1/2 of the dole, who are Maori, don't have to?)

    So Corporal Apiata VC, way of life is to sit on the dole is it ? you believe that do you ?
    Now insulting a bloke who has been awarded the VC is very clever in NZ, I would fire any of my staff in an instant for it.
    So ask around at work, is insulting a VC winner a clever thing to do.
    Or does where you work agree with the above statement ?

    Much snow in Chicago this time of the year ?
    Damn, is google not useful ?

  2. anonymous, now I understand why you are upset.

    Unfortunately, the facts are depressing for Maori. See:

    "Currently more than 222,000 New Zealand children aged up to 17 years are living in households that are reliant on a benefit. About one in three Maori children are living in benefit-dependent households. As at 30 June 2009, 43 percent of Domestic Purposes Benefit recipients were Māori.”

    Ms Rebstock said existing levels of long-term benefit receipt will be unsustainable in the future: “Looking to the future, if current trends in benefit receipt continue unabated, 16 percent of the working-age population could be receiving a benefit by 2050. The social and economic costs of this will be unsustainable,” she said.

    Copies of the Welfare Working Group’s Issues paper are available at"

    For some reason you think I am personally attacking Corporal Apiata VC. I am not. He is a hero and I applaud his brave service in the NZ military.

    What do ex-military do for employment once they are out in NZ? Will the corporal seek a new job if NZ gubmit doesn't give him enough $?

    There is a LOT of criticism aimed at USA military, too. They get taxpayer $ and benefits for having served once they are out but not much. (govt does not MAKE any money, it only TAKES it from you and gives it others)

    I will share with you: I love and respect the military. My first husband was a USMC. But, he didn't want to get a job once he was out after 12 years. Finally he did and he is happily remarried. But wow, we had a helluva time while he relied only on ME only to pay for everything.

    All he wanted to do was drink beer every day. How was that fair on me? He was still a young, vibrant (albeit angry) man - he was an angry drunk so that marriage only lasted 6 months.

    He, as MOST humans do, should WORK and not be idle. (geez, this was discussed in the bible hundreds of years ago. It is STILL relevant TODAY!...)

    There have been scientific studies about people who accept handouts to live instead of working for their own money.

    Be honest with yourself, which is more valueable: A $100 gift certificate or $100 you worked for? (think about it)

    Humans are much happier humans when they work. Could this a problem in the Maori culture who are on the dole for generation after generation? Is it offensive just to ask this question?

    I am angry and extremtly offended at the seething leftist and prevalent anti USA and anti USA military here in NZ. So? So I'm offended... so what?

    Nothing happens when people are offended... (well OK, unless you offend a muslim, theirs is a religion of perpetual outrage demanding death to all whom offend them for pete's sake...)

    Critiques of the dole or Maori culture and the push for Maori separatism is aimed at Maori "leaders" who push their victim-ology and enslavement of their own people.

    Brave and independent people of any type should be smart enough to note let themselves be enslaved, shouldn't they...

    This problem is global my friend... Be angry at the government who enslaves you not those who point out the enslavement.

  3. Why stay in NZ ? we will never change, we will never be the Texas of the south.
    We are a liberal country and we will stay that way.

  4. Well howdy anonymous! Sounds like you're itching to visit Texas. Go for it, the San Antonio river walk is great and you can see the Spurs play some great basketball there, too...

    I've never heard of any conservative regressing back into a leftist state... why is that?

  5. Basketball, what a terrible waste of some good athletes when they could be taking part in a sport where the violence is elegant

    Interesting your comments on the haka, there was a blue on blue in the Middle East during training where a kiwi and an American were killed, as the bodies were loaded into the aircraft the Kiwis dropped into the haka Kamate as an ode to warriors.
    Were they wrong to do that ?

    Should the Haka Kamate be left to a Texan American football team to make a complete mess of trying to copy off youtube, a team with no Maori members ?

  6. Lots of sports is just a waste of time. Cricket comes to mind...

    The haka is a bit silly if you ask me, but boys will be boys... "true" haka is supposed to be a war chant challenging the tribe before warfare, right? losers get eaten? gee sounds fun?

  7. Kia ora Lisa G

    "The haka is a bit silly if you ask me, but boys will be boys... "true" haka is supposed to be a war chant challenging the tribe before warfare, right? losers get eaten? gee sounds fun?"

    You have been here since 2007 - please educate yourself about Aotearoa or haere atu..... back to Chicago.


  8. I will agree too many over do the haka, but done properly it can make the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end.

    So, our military should not make the offer to the US military in future ?

    And stay with the normal salute
    party ?

    Cricket, I played a lot of cricket but yes unless one has been bought up playing the sport one will find the laws difficult to learn.

  9. Yep I know what the haka is supposed to mean. Its over done when even gingerbread men do it... guess NZ is fine and happy being a dual nation even though part-Maoris only number 15%. NZ is over-Maori'd if you ask me, but then again, that is only my opinion (and this is my blog)...
    Baseball is more fun to watch than cricket... but just barely.

    thanks for the comments anonym-i