Friday, December 24, 2010

START = madness or ceding to Russia, pick one

Image from AT

From Jim DeMint: "...START revives the policy of mutually assured destruction."

"...START also fails on another important front: It doesn’t recognize the fact that Russia and the United States play very different roles in the world. Russia is a threat to many and a protector of none. The United States, on the other hand, is a threat to none and a protector of many. More than 30 nations, many in the former Soviet bloc, depend on the U.S. for their security. The New START treaty does not reflect that obligation. It ignores it."

The RINOs who voted for it for 86 million of pork for THEIR projects. (shocker... I know)

Pajamas Media asks, does anyone in America care that Iran and Russia are arming Venezuela? Hmm... yep that COULD be a problem. Think we could have a taco summit, drink beer and sing kumbaya to solve any issues? Hmm mmm mmmmm?

Feel safer now world? START should be STOPPED.


  1. Interesting statement but wrong, the USA is going to push the Russians out of Georgia excuse me while I'll roll with laughter.
    Unless the USA goes back to a draft it will not have enough grunta to even come close to taking Vlad the impaler on

  2. What does this statement mean to you "Russia is a threat to many and a protector of none. The United States, on the other hand, is a threat to none and a protector of many."

    If China invaded NZ, would Russia help save NZ or provide arms to the Chinese?

    ......uh huh

  3. The USA is a protector to Georgia but will not take the Russians on in Georgia, why ?

  4. full on war with Russia? hmmm... sounds like a bad plan, what would you do since you're such an expert?

  5. Not tell any of the countries that border Russia that the USA can protect them because it is not true.
    Oh, taking on those amateurs from Iraq was easy, but taking on a nuclear armed power that will use tactical nukes tends to change the rules.

    The Vietnamese were very poorly armed in comparison but still killed 58,000 Americans.

  6. Reagan was correct 'peace through strength' works best. So sayeth I.

  7. Reagan as much as he kidded him self because he was an actor was never in combat.
    So how many Russian nukes are enough when Manhattan is already seeing instant sunshine after the first ten nukes detonate ?

  8. Love of country and appreciation of USA military makes a great CIC. The current squatter in the W.House has neither.

    So I suppose you're very pleased NZ police don't care firearms on their persons at the moment... after all, NZ is such a peaceful and loving country. No druge, crime or child abuse happening at all... Everyone just singing kumbaya...

    What makes a great leader, anonymous? If you don't understand why Reagan was one of the great USA presidents, I can't help you... You've probably just been too propagandized by anti-Americanism.

    But if America is so horrible and has horrible leaders, why do all the immigrants still die trying to get there? Rowboats and illegal crossings still happen... why do they all really want to go live in America if its such crap?

    uh huh...