Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UN still stinks so move it to Dubai already

A good list of why the UN is Liberty's Enemy from Joe Klein at NewsReal:

He points out "The real problem is the illusion – shared sadly by the Obama administration – that the United Nations has any moral legitimacy, much less effectiveness, in the areas of international peace and security or human rights.

Moreover, to reverse Bolton’s metaphor, the United Nations’ cheerleaders – including the Obama administration – are striving to add even more stories of UN power. Whether it’s suppressing free speech, trying to take away our national sovereignty in deciding when to use our military power or global wealth redistribution, the United Nations establishment is seeking to expand its powers through unaccountable, undemocratic institutions that are supposed to represent some synthetic form of normative global consensus.

The following list exposes the dangerous fallacy in Obama’s thinking. It provides some examples of how the United Nations is making us all less safe."

The 6 reasons why the UN still stinks:

6) The United Nations is attacking free market capitalism

5) The United Nations obsessively condemns Israel while whitewashing real human rights abusers

4) The United Nations Is unable to even define terrorism, much less help combat it

3) The United Nations is assaulting free speech to protect Islam

2) The United Nations treats dictatorships with the same respect as real democracies

1) The United Nations’ insistence on the Security Council’s exclusive powers over the use of military force to secure international peace and security is a menace to peace.

I agree with Mr. Klein when he concludes:

"This list of the top six reasons that the United Nations is a menace to world peace and freedom demonstrates a dysfunctional organization on which we are wasting billions of dollars a year. It is time to consider spinning off the non-political humanitarian and disaster relief agencies that truly do help people in need. The rest of the sprawling UN bureaucracy may be too far gone to save. Perhaps it should be moved to Dubai which said that it is prepared to host the UN headquarters on its soil. (AWESOME idea Joe) Let the Islamists and their friends have fun in Dubai. We can start over with an organization consisting only of true democracies."

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