Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stealth communism still marching into Amerikka

From what I've read, millions of people have died as a direct result of communism and communist-marxist policies. (you've heard "death panels" under "O-care" IS the plan, right?)

Question: why is America going down the SAME flippin' road with similar policies which ALWAYS failed in the past? Is America Amerikka ALREADY?! The latest:

"We have taken the telegraph office." V.Lenin, 1917

I've said this before, but I'll repeat the analogy: watching American politics from down here in NZ is like watching a bus heading towards a cliff. The drivers are the marxist-communists "in charge". The installed "ruler" (TheWon) is illegitimate as the globalist-puppeteers have paid off or have dirt on people who should have vetted TheWon (media, DNC, RNC).

Bloggers, T.E.A. partiers and others are WAVING frantically at the people on the bus trying to warn them of impending DOOM. They just smile and wave back... and go back to watching the football or idol or some other rot...
Wake the F up Amerikka. Apparently its OK if everything goes to shite, just so the unemployment checks still come.

Should America even remain a sovereign nation? Or shall we just put Russia in charge? If there is iPods, happy hours, TV reality shows, Nike shoes and McDonalds, does it matter if the constitution is not in effect any more and regulation after regulation, tax after tax is heaped upon all the little worker bees? Will you like your cushy, velvet lined prisons you willingly enter?

This is a nightmare and it is not ending.
The 2011 incoming congress & house better come in with guns blazing (figuratively) to stop the bus. The bus is still headed for the cliff.

Merry F'g Christmas indeed. Today it struck me: TheWon is probably just a spoiler, perhaps born of Malcolm X (or whoever/whatever theory works best) and has been groomed to be the new communist dictator of the North American union: Mexiko+Kanada+Amerikka. Yeah! A new third world country with slaves and workers in place just to give the elites all their money! That is why all TheWon's paperwork remains hidden from public eye. They have FOOOOOOLED YOU! HA HA HA!

So how long are you going to put up with this take over? Its already been going on for 40-50 years... You think a new congress will fix everything in 2 years? There is a helluva lot more work to do.

Oh yea, in other great news this week, the "TEA Party Express" is teaming up with CNN to host some 2012 presidential debates! What B.S. From Pajamas Media: This is like a bunch of kittens getting together with alligators (or wolves). Gee, who will win?

So back to the new communist dictator, TheWon as the next Vladimir Lenin ...

How did people fare under ol' Lenin baby?
From Everything2 (please provide specific corrections and sources if this is factually incorrect)

"Many historians today like to gloss over Vladimir Lenin's atrocities and concentrate on Josef Stalin instead, to a point that most people associate Stalin to dictator but see Lenin is some kind of benevolent father figure who died too early. Seattle even put up an old statue of Lenin downtown. The city might as well pay homage to Hitler, because Lenin is personally responsible for the massacre of millions of Russians.

The Bolshevik Revolution was in reality not much more than an opportunistic grab for power in a time of chaos by a small group of radicals. At the end of the October 1917 the Bolshevik Party numbered less than 2000 members. But their promise of immediate property redistribution and violent action against the "oppressive classes" appealed to workers displaced by war. The Bolsheviks realized that their position was shaky and saw terror as the only way to cement their hold on power. Lenin did not give the opposition any time to organize their forces. The Bolsheviks began to openly incite civil war.

Lenin ordered the creation of a device to enforce the "iron fist of the dictatorship of the proletariat", or Lenin's whim. The term "dictatorship of the proletariat" was an obscure reference used by Karl Marx in a few of his letters; most historians agree that he meant to use the term as an analogy. Lenin thought it was catchy, so he applied it in all his decrees. He ordered Feliks Dzershinsky to oversee an extraordinary committee to "liquidate any counterrevolutionary activities". This organization eventually became the Cheka, the feared Bolshevik secret police."

Sounds just swell Amerikka! This crap is already happening... look at LTC Lakin case: the Amerikkan "secret police" might already be in place ... Well, good luck the next two years... you're gonna need it

& if the internet gets shut down this week? It was nice chattin' with ya


  1. glad you enjoyed this post Benito Vincenzo Savioli..... wow what a name, Italian eh?

    how's the economy in Italy these days? Loving that European union are ya?


  2. Another great post LisaG!.
    If I get it right, socialism never got a hold in the US last century because Americans had confidence in the institutions of their country to support liberty and prosperity. They saw it for what it was.
    You are right to call it by name, the leftists dont like being branded for what they are and most people by now know its a failure even if they dont quite know what it is.

    By the way many NZers would be glad to see the EU
    disintegrate and the French in particular to reap what they have sown.
    When the UK joined the EU our main export market vanished overnight and the French have a history
    of acting against NZ both economically and politically.

    Also I see you have been fighting a few battles this week with some of our local attitudes!.
    I for one, as a NZer are on your side.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!.

  3. thanks NZgarry, yep, sometimes you know you're near the target when you start receiving flak...

    I've read about many a leftie converting to the conservative right side of things or becoming independent... but I've never heard about a single conservative/independent ever regressing back into a leftie.

    we're all different... thank god... or life would be darn boring, wouldn't it

    Have a very Merry Garry & cheers on N.Years mate!