Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The week before Christmas and I am gardening

Sorry if you are freezing your keester off
somewhere in the Northern hemisphere...

NZ weather is just lovely Nov - Apr
especially summer Dec-Feb...
Since I moved my keester, plus husband,
plus 2 cats, plus 1 dog
and all our possessions down here in 2007,
the least I can do
is enjoy the great weather,
huh! :)
here are just a sample of recent flowers
and current blooms around our house & yard...
can't remember the name, a "tiny dancer" plant?

pink tea tree bush

blue & white petunia outside kitchen window
red ground cover plant (name?) cheers up driveway
pink petunia in hanging basket
freaky irridescent purple petunia

more purple petunia & backyard looking Hawaii-ish
pink mini rose bush... I hope it gets huge
blue umm... (name?)
established red bougenvilla
new wee small purple bougenvilla

pink calla lilly
I saved this red flowering bush from part of the yard
and now its about 3 meters high...
(nope, don't know its name...)
little Wax Eyes (birds) and the occasionally Tui
will hang almost upside down
to drink the nectar from blooms
which hang downward...

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