Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gulag Bound & email from a WWII USMC vet

Check out this site is pretty interesting: Gulag Bound
Trevor from NewZeal is a contributor.
An article at Gulag Bound asks Whose Fault, Prince of Fools or Nation of Fools Who Elected Him? Good question isn't it... (how many of the 69 million - only 22% of population- are sorry about it - is another question! and are the other 78% awake enough to the horrors going on in Washington by an illegal usurper regime yet is a third question... ok, sorry, question tangent...)
I recently wrote a post about the USA turning into Amerika: Just pointing out the obvious.
There are millions of others who see this occurring and are also upset and speaking out (and voting in new USA leadership a month ago Nov2).
Americans are pissed off and rightly so.
Canada Free Press discusses in News Reports Sum Up Obama’s Plans for Complete Destruction of America by Jerry McConnell 22-Dec-2010

"In just a few minutes of reading the E-Brief today on December 21, 2010, I was appalled and yet not surprised to find so many references to actions being considered or taken by our far-left, Socialist dominated federal government and the Marxist Obama Administration.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the Obama gang is bound and determined to absolutely destroy and cede over our country to the corrupt and poisonous United Nations. They are leaving no doubt that they wish America to be conquered first by themselves, and then handed over to the evil forces of the Bilderberg Group who exercise absolute control over the United Nations.

In the first article on the E-Brief it reports on Obama’s addressing a Tribal Nations conference at the White House last week, and apologizing; yes, I said, APOLOGIZING, as he seems to be forever doing on our behalf without our permission, and against our wishes like a traitor that gives his country up to an enemy.

This man has absolutely no scruples or reverence for America’s 235 years of solid freedom and care for its people and for suffering people around the world. No nation has ever been more caring for others in the history of our planet. But this evil-doing presidential usurper has a goal of killing us all off by means of dealing us off to the slavery of the unsavory United Nations."
Spot on Jerry...

- and -

Hanging on in a roller coaster world by Judi McLeod 21-Dec-2010

"In a throwback to the days of Stalin, the elected governments of many nations, including America, are turning on their own people. What Barack `Kill-America’ Obama is doing to the USA is being done elsewhere because what he is doing originates from a global initiative.
Close your ears and close your mind to any talking heads or Internet stories that try to portray Obama as an incompetent; a trapped, abandoned little boy in a man’s body or just another evil Democrat politician. Obama is a cold-hearted, cold-blooded Marxist on a rush mission to take down America. (spot on Judy!)

Thinking small could be families moving in together. People moving from the city to the farm; determined to do the best with whatever they have; pulling together, sharing; just wanting to survive.

Live in reality.

The recession is ravaging life as we know it, world wide."
Yep, its very gloom and doom right now.
Will the newly voted, incoming representatives in January starting turning (America) the Titanic around or will she hit the iceberg?
I left a comment at the first CFP article by Jerry O'Connell. He is a WWII USMC vet. He kindly emailed me back! I think that is really cool.
Part of his email to me said "You also make a lot of sense in your analysis of the events of our Marxist usurper president and his communist ridden administration and political party. Perhaps in January we can start reclaiming America for the Americans and hold off the takeover by the corrupt United Nations group that would enslave us forever.

Keep the faith Lisa"
You, too Jerry... I am honored he wrote me back with kind words... Americans and freedom fighters need to listen to brave and honest voices like Jerry's. He gets it. More of his articles here.
Semper Fi, Marine


  1. So should the USA throw the UN out of NY then leave the UN ?

  2. The USA should stop giving any money to the UN. If UN wants their NY building, they can pay the rent themselves.

    UN is very corrupt and full of dictators just trying to get $$ out of the USA.

    Why should the USA give these dicators / governments of countries with abhorent human rights records ANY money whatsoever?

  3. Hey I agree but you did not answer, should the USA leave the UN ?