Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nutty "search for 9/11 truth" does not = "NBC" enforcement


Sadly, I report Dr. Kate's blog has possibly been infected by Obots.

Dr. Kate, whom I never met, started up an excellent blog soon after "TexasDarlin" stopped blogging in Aug 2009. TexasDarlin took a break but came back in Jan-2010 to help get Scott Brown elected (a worthy cause!).

Obots, like I believe commentor "d2i" to be, push the "*9/11-was-a-government-conspiracy-by-Bush" wherever they can. I have seen "d2i" pushing it on Citizenwells occasionally for the last few months. (*yes, unfortunately, this weird conspiracy theory is still very popular - often discussed at Alex Jones 'infowars' site)

Who is "d2i"? No link ever given to who this person is. "Disinformation twice am I" perhaps?

Is "d2i" a paid Obot? There are paid Obots spreading "conspiracy" theories and disinformation around on conservative sites - especially on sites credibly challenging BHO's putative presidency. Their mission: spread this stuff around

  • see where it sticks!
  • discredit!

  • send them off on tangents!

  • push the 9/11 Bush-must-have-known stuff!

Goal? Equate the "natural born citizen" search for truth as another "conspiracy".

This tactic seems to work, unless you are paying attention: even goofy Beck was equating 9/11 truthers with birth certificate truthers (who was BHO's dad again, Beckster?).

Unfortunately, nope, these are NOT the "same". Dr. Kate seems to believe this recent disinformation attack.

HEY, Dr. Kate, please see you are being led down the "all things are conspiracy" path! You can recover simply by continued research (that 9/11 was NOT a conspiracy) and realize you must be over the target if you are receiving flak (stealth Obots attacking!).

I posted a couple of links at Dr. Kate's site which are good:

Also, just found great video called "Screw 9/11 mysteries" linked from "screw loose change" blog.

"Screw 9/11 mysteries" is "a counter-video to the first edition of "9/11 Mysteries". Using their own video and words, "Screw 9/11 Mysteries" aims to point out not only the bad science used in the film, but also the several accounts of lying, quote mining, tricky editing and strawman arguments."

Maybe "d2i" is not a paid Obot, but instead just sadly in the "believer" category: similar to AGW 'man made global warming' believers. Years have past and time has been invested in the conspiracy, so when truth is presented, they refuse to see or understand they have been duped - because they WANT to believe it.

Sadly, wanting to believe something does NOT make it true: people believe BHO is eligible to be POTUS. He is NOT, but they WANT to believe he is.

Hopefully Dr. Kate keeps researching the 9/11 disinformation which she has been fed.

I am ON to your crap "d2i". Take your 9/11-troofer shite sandwich and sell it elsewhere. I will CALL YOU ON IT if I keep seeing you.

The "natural born citizen" issue is not a "conspiracy" like your much loved 9/11-nutiness.

The "natural born citizen" is simply a requirement in the U.S. constitution for those eligible to be president and BHO has not fulfilled this requirement.


  1. You are definitely correct about the "Obots",etc.,as well as Beck's blindspot re:birth certificate,blahblah.Even as I cheer on most of his work,I think he gets too hung up on certain things,,and gets lost in the "progressive" smear.

  2. Liz, I completely disagree with your analysis of me, my article, d21, and my website. And I hope you publish this comment. I am taking the time to write this because I like you and have always appreciated your comments on my blog, even those that are critical.

    Let me please set the record straight.

    1. In my article which you do not like, I equated the silence on NBC with the silence on 911, noting that the democrats dropped investigations into numerous things (not just 911) which I thought paved the way for Obama to get in despite his ineligibility.

    2. I noted to my readers that I was uncomfortable with this analysis, but had to ask the question anyway.

    3. I NEVER thought at all that our government could be complicit in 911; I am still not convinced that it was; I detested Berg's case on 911; BUT, someone knows something, and there are too many financial issues surrounding 911 to ignore the complicity of someone.

    4. I happened upon all the videos in my post accidentally, I was not looking for them. Th A&E report is the most extensive I found, and the most convincing, even after having looked at the ones you provided to me. The "911 missing links" movie was useful to me, raised questions, but I don't "believe" everything.

    5. I finished by suggesting that Obama and the democrats have something on the Republicans, and vice-versa, so that NO ONE is questioning his eligibility.

    6. I did a follow up post the next day which I laid out my plans for moving forward, none of which involved investigating 911.

    I write my own things and take responsibility for them. I started by blog because I was sick of the obots, and have over 1,500 blocked obot IPs in my 'discussion' section of the blog. I have been attacked by 3,000 or so bot posts.

    d2i is NOT a BOT, and is certainly not deserving of your invective.

    Thank you, and I do hope I haven't lost you as a poster on my site. Blessings, Liz.

  3. Thanks for taking time to give me your thoughtful comments, Dr. Kate.

    I will keep an harsh eye on d2i, though, because d2i (and others) STILL push the 9/11 "stuff" on CWells.

    Simply: after a year of research, I have troll radar & listen to my spidey sense.

    I think 9/11 "questions remain" is a big disinformation campaign so I probably agree with you a lot more than you may think.

    I suppose since you discussed it and I respect your opinion, it is almost like you gave the 9/11 conspiracy worthiness... if that makes sense? It really made me cringe.

    That is why I provided you that link to the "Screw 9/11 mysteries" which I found worthwhile.

    Progrs, dems & obots are out in force everywhere. The war is ON and they attack with lies a lot.

    I am tired of koolaid drinking peeps over at Infowars and frankly I'm tired of the disinformation campaign.

    However, I will continue to fight and 'question with boldness' even to question the questioners (eg why won't Beck discuss eligibility?)

    I think the 'typical' libertarian stance of both DNC and RNC being equally wrong is incorrect.

    I say pick sides and keep your powder dry.