Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NZ Golden Shears 2010 this week 3-6th March

NZ celebrates 50 years of shearing competitions this week. The "Golden Shears" will be at the Genesis Recreation Centre, Dixon Street North, Masterton 3rd-6th March.

While there aren't too many sheep farms in the immediate Chicago area, there are sheep farms in rural Illinois, America and across the world. Shearing has international interest:

Should sheep shearing should be an olympic sport? Why not.

Are shearers skilled athletes? Yep.

Animals already participate in the olympics in equestrian events.

Would shearers have to bring in their own sheep or use random sheep whereever the olympics were being held? Best it be random.

Who would test sheep to ensure they were drug free? umm, how about "Sheriff Shepards"?

Well, if shearing was an olympic sport, NZ would probably do quite well.

It is a wee bit more exciting than curling.

Good luck at the comp, mates

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