Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heads may explode after 1 lie told too many... but I'd settle for spontaneous combustible pants

"Statement expiration dates" are LIES in case you weren't quite sure...

By popular demand, a comprehensive list of expired Obama statements...
STATEMENT: “We've got a philosophical difference, which we've debated repeatedly, and that is that Senator Clinton believes the only way to achieve universal health care is to force everybody to purchase it. And my belief is, the reason that people don't have it is not because they don't want it but because they can't afford it.” Barack Obama, speaking at a Democratic presidential debate, February 21, 2008.

EXPIRATION DATE: On March 23, 2010, Obama signed the individual mandate into law.

STATEMENT: Executive Order stating, "The detention facilities at Guantánamo for individuals covered by this order shall be closed as soon as practicable, and no later than one year from the date of this order." January 22, 2009.
EXPIRATION DATE: November 19, 2009: "Guantánamo, we had a specific deadline that was missed."
House Republican leader John Boehner advises "President Obama Admits ObamaCare Not Cutting Costs Like He Promised" and documents the:
Higher costs for employers
Higher costs for workers
Higher costs for younger workers
Higher costs for small businesses
Higher costs for those who already have insurance
Higher costs for taxpayers
Smart Deb outlines "a growing number of people are wising up and realizing that virtually every promise Obama makes has an expiration date" in her post "BHO's broken promises and America's growing anger"
The ever continual liberal lies are extremely tiresome...
"Mean ol' Meany" at Liberal Smash explains "The Never ending Argument" and "When you try to bring facts to the table in a debate with someone that calls him/herself a "liberal," they immediately roll up their defenses and turn on the vitriol. Such is the nature of the game, we, the conservatives, assume that there are basic truths that are unwavering, yet they, the liberals, feel that there is an ever-changing series of random events that make up history. Nothing can ever be resolved in history for them, everything is subject to interpretation from the lens of RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW. Again, it is futile to discuss things with a liberal, because daily, they look back at their past ideas, see the monumental failure of those ideas and then toss them aside."
Well said, sir... damn these liberal-prog-commie liars all to hell... perhaps if it is "too violent" (my a&&) to wish all their heads explode, I really want to see liars pants spontaneously combust. I'd pay money to see that!


  1. Thanks so much for the link. Are y'all getting ready for winter?

  2. Hi Paul... yep, we have 3 meters worth of firewood to be delivered next week. That should last us for about 3 months of daily evening fires. :) Gets down into the 40s at nite and 50s during Jun-Jly-Aug. Other 9 months is 60s-80s F so I'm not complaining! ;)