Monday, March 8, 2010

Battling concern trolls... like The South

Troll under a bridge (is that you The South?)

CONCERN TROLL ALERT - who is "The South" (TS) at CitizenWells?
(perhaps pals with "d2i"?)

I always post a link back to my blog when I comment on blogs. I do not hide. Of course, there is NO link for TS: Hey, TS, who are you? What are you hiding? Are you a paid Obot?

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

OK, yes, I know Eleanor - sorry, but America is under attack by the progressives: we are at war. A light must be shown on the trolls.

Example of trollness: TS tries to sympathize with CW readers - then wham, sends them off on a weird tangent (to lefty sites no less!). I've seen TS pushing the 9/11 conspiracy nonsense on CWells - which 'D2i' has been doing to Dr. Kate - and now DrK is buying into that tripe. Thus, DrK is getting off course. I have tried to warn DrK but not sure if she'll listen.

So when I questioned TS today on WHY 'we' (CW readers) should believe lefty lib faux news? Instead of answering, TS was all offended when I called him/her out: was a bit like shining a light on a vampire and he/she cringes, hissing violently in response. TS got all in a tizz & thought he/she was insulting me pointing out I only have 5 followers on my lil blog. Ummm, why would I care if anyone ticks a 'follower' button? On my little blog? Huh? Is blogging a contest? I didn't get any blog instructions when I started... so I just blog for myself and to share truth when I find it. I blog to vent. Simple.

As far as reading sites TS admitted were biased: Why would I believe anything on admitted lefty "news" sites? I know too much now.

I will watch. I will wait. I will continue to question and shine a light on trolls. TS or 'd2i', I am watching you! Guess you'll have to get new troll names now...

The progressive left has been beating America with a stick for decades.

Now, we the people, are fighting back.

Fess up, "The South" - if you're not a troll; WHO ARE YOU then?

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