Thursday, March 11, 2010

Conservative sites abound but some are false patriots

Here are couple more good conservative blogs:


There are hundreds or thousands of good conservative blogs now.
Be skeptical though: some sites are 'false' patriots like
"Infowars" or "TheAtlantic".
Look at all CONTENT skeptically.

A few symptoms of those who are FALSE patriots:
  • Seething, blind hatred for George Bush (or S.Palin). Mostly this hate is from leftist media but if a 'supposed' conservative site does this, be skeptical! My opinion: I lived in Chicago and I felt safe under Bush. I owned a home, cars and had steady employment the full 8 years under his term. I supported the war effort in Iraq. No, GW wasn't perfect and no, he really wasn't a true 'conservative'. However, he was a good, patriotic and strong leader for America who made tough decisions to keep America safe after eg 9/11/2001 attacks.
  • Pushing the loony 9/11/2001-was-a-huge-USA-government conspiracy. Please. This is just rubbish.
  • Pushing man made global warming. Hello AMERICA, um, Copenhagen was a BUST. The REST of the world is figuring this out. "Climate change" is real: it changes ALL THE TIME naturally and mostly due to our sun's activities (yes, that huge orange orb in the sky). Earth is NOT warming because of C02 output by humankind. In fact, no statistical warming has occurred world wide since 1995. Go research at WattsUpWithThat if you don't believe me.
  • Dismiss 'birthers' as a just a conspiracy. Upholding the constitutional requirements to be POTUS is not a conspiracy. a) go look up what a 'conspiracy' is and b) go catch up all the background information at Apuzzo's site.

I'm sure you get it now. Be discerning in all reading and research. If a site ONLY pushes 'emotional' buttons without correct FACTUAL content or is LYING on purpose, it is probably a false patriot.

  • End of today's lesson.

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