Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beck slams freedom fighter Geert

**UPDATE: David Horowitz' site "Newsreal" also discussed how FOX, Krauthammer & Beck mis-characterize Mr. Wilders in "When Fox News Might as Well Be MSNBC: Special Report Trashes Geert Wilders".
What is Islamo-Fascism anyway? FOX needs to understand America's true enemies a bit better.
Have you been arguing with yourself, Mr. Beck?

What has the Beckster been smoking? Apparantly Beck has called freedom fighter Geert Widlers a fascist. For the love of pete...

This is either a) extreme ignoranance or b) bowing to Saudi investors in FOX's news corp owners. Which is it some of us are wondering.

Pamela Geller has the story at Atlas Shrugs "Think before you preach". From one of the comments:

"This comes as no surprise since he (Glenn Beck) works for Saudi compromised FOX news. Geert Wilders is fighting AGAINST fascism. That's why he opposes the islamization of Europe.

Reality is being inverted where people who fight for freedom and human rights such as Wilders are being referred to as fascists, while the real fascists such as CAIR are treated in the media as a moderate civil rights group.

For those who think Wilders is an extremist for comparing the koran to mein kampf, so too did Winston Churchill make that comparison. Someone ought to educate Beck as to what's written in the koran and hadiths, what sharia law is all about and what is occurring in Europe because of muslim immigration.

What is Beck trying to prove anyway? Is he trying to impress the liberals and show he opposes the "far right" as well? It won't matter to them, they will still attack him.

I'm completely disgusted with Beck. It's a damn shame since he has done such a good job of exposing the marxists in the Obama administration. But what good is he in fighting socialist infiltration of our government if only to pave the way for an islamic takeover?

I'm also disgusted with how Wilders is being portrayed throughout the western media. We have lost our marbles when a man fighting to save western civilization and our freedoms is marginalized as an "extremist" while we let our sworn enemies into the highest echelons of power."

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