Thursday, March 4, 2010

All NZ to pay 5% more for energy 1-July-2010

All New Zealanders will pay at least 5% more in energy costs starting 1-July-2010 while energy companies make profits.

Thanks to both main parties: Labour and National per John Boscawan MP, ACT party NZ.

"New Zealand Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet" - Wednesday, March 3 2010

"ACT New Zealand ETS Spokesman John Boscawen today advised New Zealand families to prepare themselves for a future of over-taxation and financial hardship - a fate they can thank the National and Labour Parties for.

"Meridian Energy's $142 million after-tax profit is something Kiwis will have to get used to - once the ETS kicks in, power prices will rise and Meridian's profits will soar," Mr Boscawen said.

"From July 1, electricity prices will increase approximately five percent.

"Thanks to the ETS, companies like Meridian will be able to use renewable energy to generate windfall profits. Meanwhile, New Zealand families - many of which are already struggling to make ends meet - will be forced to pay the highest price, regardless of how much it costs a company to generate.

"Families will lose and electricity companies will win.

“National should have canned the ETS instead of simply implementing its own and Labour should stop using gimmicks - like Phil Goff's ‘Axe The Tax’ campaign - to pretend to care about low-income families when it was a Labour Government that began the entire debacle in the first place,” Mr Boscawen said."

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