Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When do u get the Home feeling?

Lopdell House, Titirangi

I pass through a little village named Titirangi on my home from work each week day. It is such a cute little village. I always get the "aaaah, I'm home..." feeling when I drive through.

When you are way back home from work or errands, where exactly do you get your "Home" feeling?


  1. Hi Lisa, thanks for the photo! I was just looking for images of Titirangi village to show my American family (I grew up in Titirangi and have only just moved to the USA) and I used to get that "ahh I'm home feeling" when passing through too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Camille... where abouts do you live in the USA? Do you miss Milo, Wheatbix, the Warriors & the All Black haka? ;) My kiwi husband missed that stuff while we were in Chicago 2000-2007.

    Hope you have fun in the states! We may move back at some point, but we dig the mellow lifestyle in Titirangi for now...

  3. I love this place. Everyone who calls it home loves it to bits. Its a stone throw from the bush, the beach, good people, and an awesome bakery haha, mm pie.

    thanks for the photo lis.

  4. hi anonymous, people saw a bit of snow in the Waitakeres this week - even downtown Auckland CBD had a wee bit of snow (first time since 1939)! ... what do you mean a stone throw from the bush?! Titirangi is FULL ON BUSH! :)

    The hill in our backyard is huge... full of punga and nikau palm trees... just started seeing some wood pigeons this week... they think its early spring...

    wonder if the snow freaked 'em out

    cheers mate