Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH)

What is GOOOH about? Discussed at PajamasMedia today: a new way to select our representatives.

"Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are steering us in the wrong direction. No longer concerned with fiscal conservatism, Republicans have abandoned their platform of smaller government and personal responsibility in favor of an all-controlling nanny state. The Democrats are simply driving us there faster. And neither party seems concerned that its constituents would like to get off this highway altogether.

Despite recent polls showing that a large majority of Americans desire to replace every member of Congress, the Republicans are still running many of the same old incumbents. The Republican Party blatantly ignored the will of the people when it ran progressive candidate Dede Scozzafava in New York-23. When Republican-registered voters chose Doug Hoffman instead, Republican Party leaders should have been jolted back to consciousness. Instead, they continue backing the reelections of career Republican liberals like big-government John McCain, Obamacare Joseph Cao, and cap-and-trade supporter Lindsey Graham.

With the GOP failing to embrace the huge movement toward conservatism, we are speeding towards the 2010 elections with a broken two-party system. Worse, neither party is willing to do its part to fix it. Although third parties have a notorious reputation for taking votes away from Republicans and keeping Democrats in power, what’s the difference?

Instead of continuing on this path, watching our republic crumble, we are in dire need of a radical change in leadership.

Seeking a new way to elect our representatives, GOOOH is a non-partisan plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans."


GOOOH stands for 'Get Out of Our House' and is pronounced like the word 'go'.

It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans just like you.

If you are tired of career politicians, GOOOH is for you. If you believe money has corrupted Washington, GOOOH is for you. If you believe politicians have too much power, GOOOH is for you. If you are weary of the death grip the two parties have on our government, and are ready to return control of our government to the people, then GOOOH is for you.

GOOOH is NOT a political party. It is a system that will allow you and your neighbors to choose, among yourselves, the person who can best represent your district. Members will identify a true citizen representative, an Independent candidate, to represent their district. How we get access to the ballot will be dependent on when we reach our membership goal. It is possible we could form a party in a few states as the method for getting on the ballot, but we are not a party in the classic sense: we have no platform and are a bottom-up organization.

GOOOH is an evolving system and your input is requested. The questions are changing based on the feedback of members just like you. Participate in the forums, take the survey, and send us your thoughts. This is YOUR system. We will perfect it with your input.

GOOOH is a new system that will allow "we the people" to select true representatives, not choose between a Democrat and a Republican. If we continue to elect career politicians who represent their party, the special interests that fund them, and themselves, nothing will change.

GOOOH is a non-partisan process that will allow us to effect the change we all know we need.

GOOOH will allow you to:
  1. Help select your Representative - while being considered yourself
  2. Hold your Representative accountable
  3. Replace career politicians - with true representatives
  4. Take the money out of the process

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