Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doctor Zero comments on Dems' suicide pact?

In "An alternative ending to the 'health care' saga", Doctor Zero suggests "There is another way the health-care saga could end. It could end with the complete destruction of the Democrat Party."

And if "BHO-care" gets passed by Dems? Dr. Zero continues:

"It’s been a hundred and fifty years since a major American political party was erased.

I’ve often wondered what it would look like, if such a thing happened in the modern era.

I imagine it would take a combination of widespread voter anger, the messy death of a failed ideology, an energized opposition, and hopelessly out-of-touch leadership.

Whatever remains of the “moderate” wing of the Democrat Party should consult their own imaginations, before arrogantly passing a bill that can only be rolled back over their dead bodies."

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