Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wetas, Dolphins and Spas

8:30am and my Kiwi husband has the fireplace already going along with the small heater.  He is playing video games.  After sleeping in until 7:30am (I'm usually up around 5-5:15am weekdays), I did a few chores and logged in to check up on the world. 

I received an email sent this morning from my husband with 3 links.  The first is about an area 4 hours north of Auckland in an area called the "Winterless North" - a place which will give you a night tour to see Wetas and large NZ bush spiders.  Hmm... OK, that sounds interesting.

The next link is an article about the same area, the Bay of Islands, from couple months ago January 2011 describing going out on a boat to see dolphins which gather and frolic right near the boat - and swimmers can get up close to them if brave enough to try.
Bay of Islands - Fuller's dolphin cruise

The third article is about 5 great day spas in Auckland. 

One month down into our 3 month winter... and sounds like my husband is dropping hints he's ready for a warm or mini vacation get away weekend.

I'm game!  But first, time for a bit of breakfast...

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