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farmers using oxen instead of tractors solves nothing

USA farming with oxen circa 1930s
Democrats admit their "Gas Bill" Will Not Cut Gas Prices and gas prices are high because the liberals want it that way...

Did you know some in the USA (eg Wisconsin, New England area) are now ditching their expensive tractors, because of high fuel costs, to go back to using oxen.


Does that seem like slightly backwards-ass-progress to you or hip-greenie-forward-thinking?

Sure, couple of oxen might be cheaper, but not if you count time and effort.  Oxen are not faster or easier. In the USA alone, there are some 300,000,000 million people to FEED.

How would it EVER be practical for large farms to plow thousands upon thousands of acres ONLY with oxen? It might be do-able if you employed a hundred thousand people and a few hundred thousand oxen. But, um, wouldn't that lead to a lot vet bills? Animal abuse? Lots of dung and oxen farts? OH NOES: farting would mean an increase in lefty-dreaded C02 emissions?!

OK, nope, we can all agree this is not practical at all. But lets suspend reality for a minute and let's say all American farmers had to turn to oxen instead... perhaps by government mandate.

Then what?

Would everything be oxen 'n' rainbows (instead of unicorns) and hunky-dory easy-peasy? (rrrrright...)

What if the government decided, in its collectivist rule, to then regulate all oxen related farm activity?  (... I can of course see thousands of working-animal rallies spanning the nation promoting fair animal-rights or oxen unions even!  but don't call them "pets" of course, only companion animals or working animals... err... or something like that...)

I suggest a very imporant lesson in historial farming under an oppressive regime should be remembered by what happened in the Ukraine some 785 years ago.

REMINDER: collectivism policies = communism. Communism = leads to death of millions.

Check out a 2008 post at Ukraine Analysis discusses the 75 year anniversary of the Ukraine famine - Genocide or not, Stalin starved millions to death and Soviet regime concealed for 54 years:

"Many governments, including those of Canada and the United States, have recognized the famine as an act of genocide by Stalin’s regime against Ukrainians."

"... in his acclaimed 2007 book on life under Stalin, The Whisperers, British historian Orlando Figes writes that the Soviet regime “was undoubtedly to blame for the famine. But its policies did not amount to a campaign of ‘terror-famine,’ let alone of genocide … ” Harvard University’s Terry Martin and the University of Amsterdam’s Michael Ellman have expressed the same opinion.

We may never know how many died of starvation in 1932-33. Yushchenko and others speak of 10 million, or about a third of the population of Ukraine. However, more reliable estimates in Ukraine and elsewhere suggest that the death toll was three to five million, still a truly staggering figure."

"... the Soviet regime began rapidly to collectivize farms starting in 1929. Ukraine was among the first republics to be collectivized. In Kazakhstan, a third of the peasantry (about one million people) died by 1931. Stalin’s goal was “to liquidate the kulaks (rich peasants) as a class.” Many so designated destroyed their livestock rather than give it up to the new collective farms. The countryside became a war zone in which millions were dispossessed, with many deported to Siberia or the Far North.

After collectivization, state grain quotas were imposed on the farms. Grain was taken before the farmers could feed themselves and their families, and quotas were raised sharply in Ukraine, despite a poor harvest in 1931 in particular. Stalin, who used the grain to feed the growing urban population as well as the Red Army, appointed Extraordinary Grain Commissions in several regions. Vyacheslav Molotov led the one in Ukraine. When the grain ran out, Molotov demanded that the commissions take all food from the villages, which were stripped bare as though a plague of locusts had descended on them."

"The link between the Ukrainian famine and external events is clear. In January 1933, Hitler had come to power in Germany, adding another dire threat to Stalin’s regime. Ukrainian nationalists, Poles, Hitler and Stalin’s chief enemy, Leon Trotsky, all feature in Stalin’s correspondence and party documents as threats to Soviet security.

Whether or not this catastrophe was premeditated – and we may never find a “smoking gun’’ – Stalin, Molotov and other Soviet leaders deliberately starved their own people and then concealed this atrocity from the outside world."

read the rest here
Petrol, fuel, gas prices are already rising... and FOOD prices, too...  A utopia run by collective-leftists doesn't sound so great now, does it...
more USA oxen plowing circa 1907-1930

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  1. Interesting info on the Soviet Union. However, the premise is all wrong here. Nobody is advocating for farmers to ditch their tractors for the big, industrialized farms. However, small family farms (which are starting to make a comeback) can use oxen to keep from going into debt just to get their family farm going. It works, and they can build themselves up to buying the tractor and other equipment. Its a good starting point for someone with the drive but not the money to get started.