Wednesday, May 18, 2011

might be Kiki

Kiki as a puppy
We lost our Basenji girl Sheela about a year ago.  We mourned, got a couple new cats and are ready for a new dog now.  We have been researching breeds which would suit our lifestyle.  We've contacted a lady about an Italian Greyhound named Flynn.  He was awfully cute and we were tempted.  We've contact a Greyhound rescue organization a month ago and had a home visit from a nice lady with a beautiful tan and white boy named Gizmo. We have been approved and are on their waiting list now.  We've also spoken to a Basenji breeder a couple times this year, but weren't too keen on a puppy. 

Finally, our breeder friend advised a friend of hers has a 3 year old girl named Kiki ready to rehome.  Will Kiki be ours?  She is down near Timaru which is a good 14 hour drive from Auckland.  We could fly down and arrange with Air New Zealand to take her back with us on a flight from either Dunedin or Christchurch back to Auckland.  We're investigating the costs of both driving or flying.  It might be fun to drive and site see along the way.  There is a 3 hour ferry ride from north to south island to consider as well.  The dog would have to be in a secure crate inside the car.  Do-able. 

We are ready for a new dog... will it be Kiki?

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