Tuesday, May 3, 2011

welcome to hell Usama (or is it Osama? who cares)

some humor (truth?) from Hell pizza's Facebook page

... & for the record - they make excellent pizza! ...

Freedom fighter Pamela Geller explains while America deserves to celebrate the killing of the mass murderer known as USL - he was merely yesterday's man. She asks "Why now? Why did Pakistan allow this to happen after years of sheltering bin Laden? What did Barack Obama have to give up to the Pakistanis in order to make this campaign-bolstering deal for Osama bin Laden? Amid all the celebrations, there is something worrisome about the death of Osama bin Laden – and that is what we don’t know about it.

Finally, insofar as the bigger picture goes, Osama bin Laden was yesterday’s man. The global jihad rages on. The Muslim Brotherhood is far more dangerous than al-Qaeda in its ability to impose Islamic law over the Middle East and to assert it in the West. It has infiltrated the senior levels of our government in ways that al-Qaeda never could. Obama’s exclusive focus on al-Qaeda ignores all the other Islamic supremacist groups that are working around the world, and in the United States, right now. Obama’s Department of Justice is scuttling the prosecutions of Islamic supremacist leaders such as Omar Ahmad of Hamas-tied CAIR. His Treasury Department has given seminars in Sharia finance.

Killing bin Laden won’t solve those problems. Nor will it make the global jihad go away."
Great point Pam.

Oh, by the way, everyone is thanking George W. Bush for a successful manhunt leading to the USL killing, right? Didn't GWB coin the phrase the "war on terror"? The current commie-regime in Washington doesn't use that phrase any more - - officially!

AWR Hawkins points out "...George W. Bush deserves our gratitude for refusing to back down when the war was unpopular. He merits all the honor we can bestow upon him for not giving in when he was called every name in the book and openly slandered by MSM personalities. He is to be commended for standing with our troops when Democrats (like Obama) threatened to cut their funding, and for staying out of the limelight when our troops achieved great things (like capturing Saddam Hussein), because he wanted the troops to have the honor. (Obama, on the other hand, can’t wait to tell us what he authorized, decided, etc.)

Thank God for George W. Bush: the man who possessed the fortitude to make certain the people “who knocked [those] buildings down [have heard from] all of us [now].”

Thank you for your steadfast efforts President Bush.

From Peter Heck at AT "We did not waver, we did not tire, we did not falter...and we did not fail.
After nearly a decade of spent American blood, sweat and treasure in an arduous struggle against those who perpetrated the most brazen and dastardly attack on the American homeland in our nation's history, the United States military has struck its most significant blow. Osama bin Laden is dead."



  1. Sweet indeed. Bravo to the CIA and the SEALS.

    There is a special place in hell for OBL.

  2. hi Hardnox...

    justice = served
    sharks = also served ... a meal

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I can't help but wonder if a Seaman aboard The Carl Vincent didn't pin a bacon strip to OBL before splashing him.

    Indeed justice has been served but I read that sharks are fussy eaters. ha, ha.

  4. lol... also, they didn't say what they "washed" him with, did they? leaves a bit to the imagination

  5. How do you make a Bin Laden martini?...Two shots and a splash.

  6. haha! I thought I saw this on Vodka pundits commentary, u been reading pajamas media tjones? :)