Thursday, May 5, 2011

eat this bullet, praise allah or whatever

Did the USL kill bullet have "allahu akbar" written on it?

From a hilarious column at Pajamas Media "Don’t Worry: Osama Was Shot in Accordance with Islamic Tradition - Frank J. Fleming knows the very first thing that went through your mind when you heard of bin Laden's death: were all the religious niceties observed?"

So far, no USL death pictures 'officially' put out by a&&hats at the White House. They will be forthcoming I'm sure. Why did USL get a burial at sea "according to islamic tradition"? What the F is that all about anyway?

From Fleming's article "...everyone involved was very careful to handle his dead body in accordance with Islamic best they could. I mean, there were a few minor bumps along the way, like when the body kinda sorta got dragged off by wild dogs. That happens. No one is perfect..." HA HA HA HA!

With all the nincompoopness going on in the White House, this article is a great laugh. Americans are the most respectful AND tolerant people ALREADY on the planet. It is ISLAM that is NON tolerant of, oh just about ANYTHING! Women: can't have an intact clitoris, nope, that's gotta go. You are gay? Sorry, can't allow that, you must be killed. Married woman talking to non-relative? Nope, no can do - stoning for you. Daughter wants to leave Islam? No WAY! She must be beheaded for THAT! Who cares if you raised her for 15, 16, 17 years... she doesn't like Islam? DEATH for HER!

Sorry, I digress... perhaps you get my point. More from Fleming "I know some of you are concerned about when the Navy SEALs raided Osama’s compound, whether he was then shot in the face in accordance with Islamic tradition. Well, don’t worry; he absolutely was. The very last thing anyone wanted was for Osama to think while he was being killed, “They’re doing this to me because I’m Muslim!” Because, again, that would definitely not be true. So great care was taken, and he was shot in the face in a religiously respectful way."

Thanks for the laughs Mr. Fleming, but nope, don't much care about that bit... Just glad it was done. Read the rest here.

Justice = served.

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