Saturday, May 21, 2011

Barnhardt explains defense of Israel by all human kind is required

I stand with Israel.
I stand with humanity.
I stand with you.

Rush Limbaugh points out Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu schooled the marxist child whiny pretend potus after his pro-evil, pro-Hamas speech this week:
"RUSH: On the day before the rapture, I am sitting here thanking God. Benjamin Netanyahu: "We cannot negotiate with a Palestinian government backed by Hamas. Hamas just attacked you, Mr. President, for getting rid of Bin Laden." Netanyahu is saying this to our young man-child president. We can't go back to the '67 borders. So you strip everything else away here, folks, and it's obvious to me who's coming off as the more serious man in that room. And I gotta tell you, I can't wait to see what the media does with Netanyahu. I can't wait to see how the media characterizes this. Will they say he showed profound disrespect, that these comments should have never been made in public. It would be fine to share these sentiments with President Obama in a private meeting, but to go public like this and to slap the president.

RUSH: History will not give… Folks, I'm gonna tell you something: Benjamin Netanyahu is lecturing Obama like a schoolchild. I cannot emphasize this enough. This was a total rebuke, and he was telling the world the facts, as plainly spoken as anyone could. There was no diplomatic lingo used here. "It's not gonna happen." "It's just not going to happen." "It falls on my shoulders as prime minister of work with you to fashion a peace." (laughing) Fat chance we've got, working with you, because Obama's for the other side. Obama's for the Palestinians.

RUSH: It really was amazing what we saw in this hour: Benjamin Netanyahu, with so many lessons for so many people, illustrating so much what a really young amateur we have in the White House. Obama was taken to school today. The Republican Party was shown all they have to do -- and it doesn't involve shouting, and it doesn't involve pointing fingers. It just involves telling the truth. Benjamin Netanyahu was fearless. Stood up to a president that nobody to date has had the courage to stand up to, and I guarantee you the people heard this -- and when you see it, it will have double impact on you. You'll be wishing this guy could seek the Republican nomination. It was just an amazing contrast in terms of experience, status, and solid credentials. It was wonderful to see. Bibi Netanyahu.

And... American patriot Christian warrior Ann Barnhardt explains why all civilized humans need to understand human history just a bit more and that all humankind needs to:
Stand with Israel
Stand with humanity.
Stand with you.

So, have you figured out who are the real, evil hate mongers yet?


  1. I recall back in 1967 my Father arriving home, a newspaper in his hand and a grin on his face.
    On the front page of the newspaper
    was that famous picture of the three burned out MIG 21's on the apron.
    I was only 7yrs old and did not fully understand what had happened, but the memory has never left me.
    NZ is a small country with a small population (105000sq miles/4.3million). Israel though is tiny (8000sq miles/7.5 million).
    The Israelis won the west bank through a just war. They have every right to keep it and I hope that they do.

  2. thanks for stopping by NZgarry...

  3. Lisa,

    I could not agree more. Stop by the Anti Liberal Zone and check out my postings for the last four or five days.