Monday, May 9, 2011

Condi kicks O'Donnell's a$$

Who watches this idiot Lawrence O'Donnell anyway? What a leftist moron.

Clip mentioned at Legal Insurrection, I've also seen a shorter clip of this as well somewhere else this week. Watch Dr. Rice kick O'Donnell's sorry leftist propaganda. Love her!


  1. Lets be blunt. The cesspit of the middle east is the main threat to world peace today and has been all my life at least.
    The murders of 9/11 full justify STRATEGIC position for the US there. What better place than Iraq?. One more step, namely annex Syria/Jordan, and the entire region is split from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.
    I am sure the the governments of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan and all the others must be acutely aware of this.
    Surely such reflections are more in line with what guided GWB,Miss Rice et al in the time after 9/11 rather than concerns over Saddam and in my view, rightly so.

  2. partially correct nzgarry, as others (and I) pointed out, WMDs DID exist (

    even wikileaks proved it (

    saddam had been terrorizing the region for years... I'm glad he's gone... and Iraq and the region is better for it...

  3. hi nzgarry, blogger was down so just reposted your comment today... middle east has been a cesspit for hundreds of years, eh...

    re: the WMDS? Saddam did have them and did use them on his own people. Wikileaks proved their "existence" and yes, evidence was found. The left's "no WMDs" argument is false.

  4. p.s. thanks for stopping by, how's your NZ autumn going? :)