Thursday, May 26, 2011

of course U heard Netanyahu rocked it at congress with much applause

Wow - Benjamin Netanyahu gave a GREAT speech to a joint meeting of congress with multiple standing ovations... He firmly said NOT-gonna-HAPPEN to TheWon's claims Israel should go back to 1967 borders.  Who the hell is MrUrkel to tell another leader of their own country what to do anyway?  No wonder Mr & Mrs. Teleprompter are in the UK having a big whoopdee-doo-da this week.  They didn't want to share the spotlight with Bibi - since they are frauds and Bibi is a REAL leader.  Bibi ROCKED it at congress - read a great summary from Jeffery Dunetz at Breitbart here

... and by the way:
"The Middle East “peace process” is an illusion. No one can make peace with others who is not at peace with himself – and the Arabs cannot be at peace with themselves so long as they lag so visibly far behind the rest of the world. No concessions from others can give them what would satisfy them, their own achievements and self-respect."
- Thomas Sowell

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