Friday, May 27, 2011

game on! Sarah Palin PAC announces USA nationwide bus tour

Restoring the Good in America tour starts Sunday 29-May11

Just like the nation backed Scotty for Idol this year, America will back Sarah as 45th potus.  She is starting a "Restoring the Good in America" bus tour THIS weekend 29-May-11... and next month her movie The Undefeated will come out...  Game ON baby... she will be in it to win it... and she will win.  I have 1000% confidence in Sarah...  The leftist American media's continual attempt to slam her down has failed.  Sarah is the right person at the right time to begin the war to bring America back from the leftist seige it has been under for decades - and the sped up marxist version the last couple of years. 

Conservatism, the constitution, common sense, faith in America and the awakened We.The.People will all join forces... with Sarah as our fearless warrior - to save America.  I'm getting the tingles just thinking about it...  The war will be long and hard, but the left has already showed their hand... they've thrown everything they could at Sarah in attempts to smite her ... and they have failed.  Mark my words... I visualize her announcing her candidacy at a huge, 4th of July 2011 celebration... with thousands and millions of T.E.A. party Americans to support her... She will prevail.  Contribute to or follow the tour at SarahPac.



  1. She won't get the nominee in 2012. She is already hurting the Republican Party.

  2. If you mean hurting the "establishment" or "beltway" Republicans many of who are RINOS, not conservatives, are sheep and just follow along with what communist-marxist-Democrats want by getting 60% of her backed R candidates elected across the country in the Nov 2010 elections and awaking millions of people across America by speaking at TEA party rallies and such, then you are correct anonymous...

    is that what you meant? cool!

  3. Anon trolls = lowest life form, well below bacteria lol

  4. lol RR... exactly... I have a good time with my anonymous trolls though trying to educate them... what can I say, I'm easily amused I guess... cheers mate