Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Concrete Suggestions to Undermine PINO’s Power

Right armed Durga, with a peaceful and tranquil expression on her face, stands erect against her mount, the magnificent lion. Her powers are represented by her multiple arms bearing numerous weapons. The two hands, which are not carrying the weapons, are in the abhaya (fearlessness) and the Kataka Mudra, instead of the varada mudra. She wears a tall crown and a number of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, armlets, anklets etc. The word "Durga" in Sanskrit means a fort, or a place which is difficult to overrun. Another meaning of "Durga" is "Durgatinashini," which literally translates into "the one who eliminates sufferings." Thus, Hindus believe the goddess Durga protects her devotees from the evils of the world and at the same time removes their miseries.

Feeling overwhelmed at ___ (fill in blank) latest manufactured crisis courtesy of the gubmint?

Feeling powerless to fight the onslaught of PINO and the marxist thugocracy regime trying to take over America?

Want to do something but not sure what?

Time to find your inner warrior, Americans. Find your inner Durga. Find your inner strength through whatever motivates you...

Need some PRACTICAL advice?

Take a look at this list of concrete, common sense and very do-able suggestions directly from John Charlton at "The Post & Email" in his article "To forestall Civil War" and the "The 12 Point Hit-them-where-it-hurts Campaign".

The first one is MY favorite. I just call it PINO (president-in-name-only):

  1. Don’t call him the President; he’s not, so it would be a lie; just as it would be a lie to say someone is the property owner of a piece of land he squatted on in violation of the law. If he plans to visit in your locality, go with a sign and protest his presence.

  2. Refile your witholdings if possible, to retain as much as your paycheck as possible; you can reduce these to zero, if you are willing to pay the penalty at the end of the tax year for delays in payment (seek advice from your accountant). By reducing the regularity of taxes to the Federal Government, we can promote increased interest among politicians in D.C. of listening to the people.

  3. Move to a cash only economy, as much as possible; since cash is the legal tender of the Nation. Take your money out of banks and put some of it in gold or silver bullion. Investments in stocks, bonds, securities, money markets, and the equivalents like 4-1-k funds, are very risky in the present political climate; liquidate them, and put them in gold or silver or some other precious metal or in diamonds.

  4. Attend the public meetings of elected officials, and give them hell: explain to them the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution; remind them they are supposed to represent the People, not the NWO which wants a Marxists state; research who is financially supporting them, and out them publically as being bought by these groups; call a spade a spade; and if they are a commie, say so. Remember the power of Joe Wilson’s 2 words: “You lie!”

  5. Organizing locally to have your town approve of and sanction the formation of a local volunteer militia or auxiliary, which will assist with municipal security in times of national unrest.

  6. Pull your children from public schools, and begin homeschooling them, if possible; there are numerous homeschooling resource companies, and networks, to make this easier; in the end they will get a better education and be preserved from all the smut and marxist indoctrination which is already going on in the public school system. This is not a call to isolation, but to network more with good families and use your time more wisely in raising your children to be mature adults, prepared for anything; and sharing in your skills and talents.

  7. Stop all financial assistance of any politician, campaign, political party, lobbying group, or organization which goes along with Obama in anything.

  8. Start financial contributions to any candidate, political party, lobbying group, or organization which opposes Obama’s usurpation and programs.

  9. If you like investigating and exposing frauds, investigate your local Federal and State representatives, and publish the facts about how they have sold the average citizen out; make it impossible for them to be re-elected.

  10. Get to know respectable, loyal American citizens in your local area, and encourage them to run for elected office, locally, state-wide, or nationally. We need to replace everyone on Congress, since everyone in Congress betrayed us. Consider running for local offices; to ensure that your town does not fall to Communists.

  11. Learn how you can protect your family and home in any eventuality of national crisis or war; if you can, learn how to use a gun; and defend yourself and your family. Make emergency plans for evacuation and flight.

  12. Do whatever you can to make family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers know who is the Enemy of the People, and what evil they are planning to perpetrate upon us.
Now get out there warriors. Get engaged. America needs you!

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