Thursday, December 3, 2009

NZ has own ClimateGate issues

Nearby view of Manukau Harbor through some native flax plants

NZ has its own version of "ClimateGate".

From, apparently NIWA has also "adjusted" records actual data to make it look like NZ is warming when in reality overall temperatures have been very stable in New Zealand for 150 years.
The dimwit NZ government is now foisting an ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) on New Zealanders based on bad science. I presume this is a run away train based on past 9 years of labour government under Helen Clark. She is, after all, now a globalist and working for the UN. ... Damn it Helen!
The ACT party is fighting the ETS. Read leader Rodney Hide's open letter to NZ climate minister Nick Smith. ACT's climate change policy goal: That no New Zealand government will ever impose needless and unjustified taxation or regulation on its citizens in a misguided attempt to reduce global warming or become a world leader in carbon neutrality.

NZ Climate Conversion group - ocean sea life (shells) thrive on extra C02

NZ Climate Science Coalition - discusses NIWAs climate data 'adjustments'

Australia has POSTPONED their ETS scheme. Since 'ClimateGate' needs to be discusssed internationally and locally, NZ should follow suit and postpone any and all ETS taxing on NZ citizens.

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