Friday, January 28, 2011

"Win The Future" = WTF?!

New Dem meme being pushed by the people on the short bus running things at the people's W.House:

"Win The Future" = WTF

And ... also discussed at Breitbart:

"It took my 15 year old 2 seconds to crack up, after I pointed out the acronym—as he texted his way through watching the SOTUS with me. WTF? For non-texters, WTF is texting shorthand for “What the F***?”

Here are a few of the WTF lines from our fearless leader’s speech:

Green energy? WTF!

More government “investments”? WTF!

Sputnik? WTF!

Solar shingles? WTF!

“Sunlight and water” fuel? WTF!

Gang wars at school? WTF!

Illegal aliens pledging allegiance to the American flag? WTF!

Give 80% of Americans access to high-speed rail? WTF!

Avoid TSA pat-downs, take the train? WTF!

A flaw in Obamacare? WTF!"



  1. WTF!!!! Great post. It made me laugh.

  2. thanks Hardnox, I thought it was funny - but I did not watch the SOTU address (already know America is in deep doo doo until usurper is ousted)... credit to Miss Sarah for her spot on commentary though... :)

  3. It's definitely hard to tell whether they're mere idiots,or in some weird cynical mind-set which assumes the "public",i.e.the "People" they presume to believe in "protecting",is so effing stupid to swallow this. Methinks they are laughing up their sleeves,to see how it plays...

  4. Postscript...I would not have even known this except for your blog,since I don't waste my time on Obama utterings.All bs. But...thanks for the pass-along.This reminds me of "Alice In Wonderland"-type upside-down assininity.Lewis Carroll wrote it to make fun of the absurd "mathematic logicians" of his day,with their abstract theories unrooted in reality....

  5. Well Tjones the ends always justify the means in lefty land, doesn't it? Say anything, lie, cheat or steal - if the end is "just" (in their minds)... too bad all the pushing for socialism just makes America weaker and further decline.

    I love the new Dem "WTF" theme... it should be on EVERYTHING they touch! thanks for stopping by...