Monday, January 17, 2011

Surber: I do not want civil discourse

I had a wonderful weekend full of summer!
hot sunshine, cool breezes...
a big barbeque at our house with friends...
feeding ducklings... turning the sprinkler on
to grow the grass... I tried to minimize my reading
crazy American politics... but I kept up a bit...
So, have you met people who are full of beans?
Do you tell them they are full of beans...
...or just ignore them?
I think it is probably more often:
people who are full of it...
just get ignored a lot...
If someone upsets you for whatever reason, have
you ever used the term "screw you"
or "go screw yourself"?
I can't say I use this term very often out loud...
I was raised to be a polite person with manners.
I was taught "if you don't have anything nice to say,
don't say anything..."
This term, however, is just a polite way
of telling someone off...
vocalizing displeasure...
isn't it?
- - -
So for a "rant" for today...
I'd like to point you to an excellent
blog commentary at the Charleston Daily mail...
Don Surber explains why the RIGHT
won't shut up... any more...
An exerpt:

"We have a terribly unfit president who has expanded government control beyond not only what is constitutional but what is healthy for our freedom.

Indeed, this call for civil discourse is itself a direct threat to my free speech.

So screw you.

You don’t like my words? You don’t like my tone? You feel threatened?

Too bad.

Actually, that is what I want. I want the lefties to feel bad. I want them to feel hurt. I want them to cry to their mommies.

That way the field will be cleared so we grown-ups can fix the nation and the economy. If you can’t put up with a little excrement, get the hell out of the barn."

...darn, he's good

and if the American "left" doesn't like it?
They can go you know what...

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