Thursday, January 6, 2011

STFU Pee-Lousy, the one ring, er gavel, is NO longer yours

Ummm.... sorry for the bitterness.

Nancy Pelosi is such an evil, conniving, under-mining, back-stabbing, back-room-dealin', high-on-marxism, flying-in-USA-taxpayer-funded-personal-jet elitist witch who represents exactly how badly miserably twisted the "democratic" party (now fully communist but still called Democrat) has morphed into.
She and her party are unaware they are now Gollum - who have all forgotten they used to be a somewhat "normal", decent hobbit named Smeagol before seduced by the power...

The evil ring = is POWER LUST in the USA government (all on the left but some on the right succomb). It has destroyed the Dems... just like it destroyed Smeagol.
She clung on to her gavel with her skeleton hands rambling on telling lies upon lies in a 17 minute exit speech before handed the speaker gavel to its new rightful owner Mr. Boehner.

Sit down and STFU gavel-less Nancy. Get a great roundup coverage of today's gavel changing hands at Frugal Cafe Blog Zone.
Which hand is Nancy's?

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