Wednesday, January 26, 2011

T.E.A. partiers will be there when their voice matters

Rush made a good point today. The elitists and leftists in Washington think the T.E.A. parties are over. THEY WISH!

They will be there when it matters for the next election. In the mean time, they are raising families, working and going to ball games where the national anthem is sung:

Says Rush:

"The liberals think they've done it. They think they've defeated the Tea Party and defeated the conservatism that roared through last election...with Tucson! That's what Tucson was in their minds: An opportunity to defeat Republicans, conservatives, and the Tea Party. And now everybody's sitting together at the State of the Union, so were Doug Brinkley -- noted presidential historian, now at Rice University -- says the American people have had it. The American people tired of this. Doug Brinkley is essentially saying the American people agreed with the media and Obama and everybody else that it was "rhetoric" that caused the shooting, and that the American people don't want any part of it.

What's changed? Did the Republicans lose control of the House after the program yesterday, before I came back? Did that happen and nobody told me? Well, what has happened here? What is Mr. Brinkley talking about? The "game changer"? "It really was the American people saying, 'We're tired of you politicians name-calling and screaming at each other.' That shrill Tea Party, hard-right Republican attitude I don't think will fly in this season." Wha...? Okay, so they're back. The liberals are back, the Democrats are back because of Tucson. What makes 'em think that? No, I'm serious. What makes them think that? (interruption) Right. The way the Republicans are acting. The way the Republicans are acting is what makes the Doug Brinkleys of the world think that the Democrats have scored a victory with Tucson.

Now, think of that: "The Democrats have scored a victory with Tucson," and they clearly think they have. And the only reason to think they have is by virtue of the way the Republicans are acting. (sigh) I got a note from a friend from Hawaii over the weekend, somebody who wanted to share some thoughts with me. Here's the note: "Recently there was a video of a young girl singing the National Anthem. The microphone malfunctioned and she was left singing with no sound." You've seen the video, right? "The people in the arena came to her side and finished the song for her and with her, as proud Americans. Now, if there was no need to sing, I wonder how many people would have belted out the words with the same pride. Americans need to know that their voice matters.

"We need to find a way to have 'em realize the importance of coming to the side of America. Our voice is being silenced, and there is a need to stand behind the country. Now, the Republican National Committee could run an ad using the video and call out every voice to be heard, the importance of the 2012 elections. Without a microphone, we can still be heard." The symbolism of that video is what got to him: A little girl singing the anthem, her microphone goes out, and yet the crowd took over. A bunch of people that did not have microphones nevertheless were heard. "Americans will do it if they know there is a need. The time is now. You are a great advocate. Thanks for leading. Let me know where to take the idea or to further the thought process."

Now, this is inspiring, 'cause this is somebody out in Hawaii who is about as far away from all this as you can get, paying attention to it, and seeing symbolism and optimism for America in that video episode. And we really can't afford to be the silent majority any longer, and I don't know that we actually are. Not with the Tea Party -- and believe me, the Tea Party's not going away. The Tea Party is not vanishing, despite all of these "optics" and despite all the psychological efforts of the left to make it look like the Tea Party has been defeated and like the election never happened. "You know, the Republicans really didn't win anything."

That's the psychological ploy that's being attempted here. "Republicans didn't win anything. Obama is the focus of the show. He's got the State of the Union. Obama's gonna give us the agenda; Obama's gonna tell us what to do. Republicans? Who are they? Paul Ryan? Oh, you mean that monster that wants to cut everybody's Medicare and Social Security? Oh, yeah, that guy. Yeah, well, he wasn't elected to anything. Tea Party? Ha! What Tea Party? I mean, the people the Tea Party elected are sitting with us at the Obama speech tonight." So there's a clear psychological ploy, and I warned you people about this. Ever since the election I have warned that this would be the effort: To make it appear like nothing of any significance happened in November. "

Sorry lefties... we're on to you and you can think you've fooled the media, but you can't fool us any more... we've seen the commie-marxist manifesto-plans behind YOUR curtain. You can't hide it any more!


  1. Nice post. Yup, the commies are out in broad daylight now with this regime.

    We are on to them, and we won't stand for it.

  2. you are correct that we are on to them Hardnox... thanks for stopping by and commenting

  3. Lisa,

    My pleasure. Nice blog BTW. I know that you are a Palin fan as am I. You might want to have a look at Herman Cain. I posted it on my blog today. He just came on my radar and is worth a look.

    I will support and vote for Sarah if she is the "one". The left is telling us who they fear the most. BTW, I met Palin at the 8-28 event. She is absolutely beautiful.

    I am so tired of the regular establishment retreads.

  4. The massive pushback against the Tuscon blood libel was unprecedented. Think about this. The left has chosen to smear all conservatives in America for the blood lust of a man who clearly has not a single thing to do with the right. The last time the left tried something this audacious was the manufactured charges of racism by Clyburn, Lewis et al made against the grass roots Tea Party. These are not charges against an individual, notwithstanding Palin, but are libels against an entire movement made up of Middle Americans who are neither violent (yet) nor racist - and many of whom, until recently, were not politically motivated.

    In prior times, the left used these tactics against individuals. Middle America was rarely implicated in the smears. No longer. And I am sure there is a substantial swath of America that is tonight seething at being labled racist and violent. This is a real tactical error by the left. They may win a tactical argument here and there with these tactics, but they are building implacable, highly motivated enemies, all of whom have friends and all of whom vote. With the number of people self identifying as conservatives continuing to rise - last number was 44% - the left's tactics are turning suicidal.

    I am not concerned that the left claims a victory in Tuscon. It is a Pyrrhic victory, if a victory at all. I hope the left has many more such victories between now and 2012. We will see them at the polls.

  5. @Hardnox - yes I very much like Herman Cain, too and would support his candidacy 100% as well as Sarah's if either run.

    @GW - great points about the left over playing their hand. They are and their old tricks are so obvious now its just silly, isn't it?!

    I don't care if 30-40% of USA is lefties. That just means 60-70% (or higher) are CENTER RIGHT.

    There are MORE of us on the right side.

    We will prevail. We're in for the long haul and the left will be relegated to the proverbial dust bin of history.