Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sarah Palin info & some great posts by Sheppard

Check out another great Sarah Palin information site called Sarah Palin Information Blog I just ran into with lots of interesting articles posted by various contributors.

M. Joseph Sheppard's has some great recent pro-posts about Sarah:

Media's "Boycott Palin February" Plan Collapsing As Axis Of Bedevil Fractures Over Cash/Salacious Sex:

"...the left media, having seen that their campaign of vilification and destruction has only toughened Palin, whilst ensuring her supporters circle the wagons around her ever tighter have finally realized that all their efforts are in vain."

Palin Played The Ali/Foreman Rope A Dope Game With The, Now Exhausted, Leftist Media And Won.Update; Washpo/NYT Hacks Give Up Too:

"Since she appeared seemingly out of nowhere the "Foreman" of the left has rained blow upon blow at her. With her back to the ropes constantly Palin has taken all their best shots and comes bouncing back during each round, or rather news cycle and instead, as previous "champions" have done, hitting the canvas, she unleashes a flurry of blows in return and returns for the next round undaunted.

A fascinating turn of events has now come into play which again mirrors the Ali/Foreman fight. The left has unleashed their most massive series of blows yet, dumping every sort of innuendo tying Palin into the Arizona tragedy-even though there was never a shred of evidence anything she did, or said, had any influence on the shooter. When she rightly defended herself, they parsed her every word and attacked venomously again. But Palin, like Ali, kept talking back at then "I'm not going away" and " I'm not going to shut up".

And, all of a sudden, there are signs of exhaustion on the part of her enemies. They, like Foreman, have seen their best shots having no effect, and like him, they have run out of ideas on what to do next. A perusal of the left wing media now sees comments like "I am sick of reading about Palin" "Why are we discussing her" "I wish she would go away" "I am not going to read anything more about her". Where an article attacking Palin would, a year ago, get thousands of comments attacking her, the number is dropping dramatically. Even the scandal blogs like Gawker or Wonkette or the radical, execrable, leftist blog Daily Kos readers are commenting they are sick of reading even made up scandals about the Palin's.

It is not just the blogosphere where this resignation is taking place. Charles Blow at the New York Times advises he will not write anything further about Palin, Rachel Maddow at MSNBC said she would not discuss Palin in her show, Mika Brzezinski, also on MSNBC glum facedly discussed Palin, clearly under sufferance, and doesn't want to talk about her anymore."

I love this post, too: "Two Years Till Ceremonial Presidency Ends, Then Return To Normalcy Under Palin" ... YES! now THAT is something to look forward to and keep WORKING at to make happen!

Oh, and the many Palin bloggers and supporters are NOT alone in this thought. Check out "Sarah Palin Wins Free Republic 2012 Straw Poll Second Year In A Row With A Stunning 81% Blowout" ... Be forwarned about POLLS and there "results" though: not all polls are "good" or even accurate. Many are bogus: read about what to watch for!


  1. And your delightful Blog is one I check in on regularly for its depth of commentary which I, frankly, fail to match, but which I keep in mind as a standard to reach.

  2. I get some cranky anonymous commentary occasionally, but I think I must be over the target if I'm taking flak...

    (OOOOPS: the war fare rhetoric! Do I need to ban myself now? ha ha)

    thanks for stopping by Mr. Sheppard

  3. I don't believe Palin has the logic or ability to rationalise why it is not smart for her to go on about firearms.
    As was stated by the woman that type of ranting can end in people getting hurt.

    ("We're on Sarah Palin's targeted list. The way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they've got to realize there are consequences to that action." - Gabrielle Giffords)

    The tea party idiots are going to find that some Democrats are rather tasty with weapons if that is the path they want to go down

  4. Doesn't matter much what you "believe" anonymous. I believe I can flap my wings and fly to the moon... doesn't make it reality.

    So because Democrats and Republicans use military jargon and both Democrats and Republicans use "target" mapping, this political discussion explains how mentally deranged lunatics decide to get violent?

    Could nasty, violent movies influence people to become violent?

    How about nasty, violent "rap" music?

    Family problems like domestic violence?

    How about just mental illness or drug use?

    Nope, "rhetoric" does not MAKE people go out and DO things...

    Unless you are on the "left" side of politics and come to believe "violence is part of your strategy" (says violence promoter Frances Piven)... Ms. Piven has been promoting violence for 50 years...

    Violence = strategy is on the LEFT anonymous. Guess you better try and get THEM to shut up...

    thanks for stopping by! have a lovely day