Sunday, January 2, 2011

we've only just begun to fight

2010 was just the beginning. The great American wake-up has occurred and continues to grow. The battle to defy and eradicate all the ruling elitist usurper marxists in Washington has just started.

Victor Davis Hanson points out America’s rivals lack the culture necessary to sustain greatness:

"As we enter this new decade, we are being lectured that China is soon to be the global colossus. Its economy is now second only to America’s, but with a far faster rate of growth and with budget surpluses rather than debt. Few seem to mention that China’s mounting social tensions, mercantilism, environmental degradation, and state bosses belong more to a 19th- than a 21st-century nation."

"... America integrates immigrants and assimilates races and ethnicities in a way Europe cannot. Russia, China, and Japan are simply not culturally equipped to deal with millions who do not look Slavic, Chinese, or Japanese. The Islamic world cannot ensure religious parity to Christians, Jews, or Hindus — or political equality to women.

The American Constitution has been tested over 223 years. In contrast, China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, and South Korea have constitutional pedigrees of not much more than 60 years. The last time Americans killed each other in large numbers was nearly a century and a half ago; most of our rivals have seen millions of their own destroyed in civil strife and internecine warring just this past century."
Nile G. at the UK's Telegraph notes the T.E.A. party is the political movement of the decade and there is NO "comeback" for TheWon.

"The Tea Party played a pivotal role in igniting the conservative revolution that swept through the United States over the past year, culminating in the midterm elections, where it scored notable successes in both House and Senate races. Pre-election polls showed it had become even more powerful than President Obama at the ballot box, and a post-election survey by Gallup showed the Tea Party virtually neck and neck with Obama in terms of voter opinion on who should influence government policy."

Mr. Gardiner notes 4 key reasons "why it was a year Obama will want to forget":

1. The midterm elections were a defeat of epic proportions for the Obama Presidency
2. Conservatism grew increasingly dominant in America
3. The Left lost ground and engaged in a brutal civil war
4. The Tea Party became more powerful than the president at the ballot box

Tammy Bruce highlights we've only just begun to fight. Longer video here.

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