Friday, January 28, 2011

USA Lefties revise history, examples: McCarthy or Reagan

Above book came out in 2007... Very interesting. I started reading the first couple pages available on Amazon and couldn't stop. Wow...

Here is a good review about this book from Wes Vernon at Citizens for Constitutional Republic - excerpt:

"The McCarthy era

Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy was surely not the first public figure to blow the whistle on Communism's inroads into U.S. society, nor was he the last. But he was surely the most persistent and the least fearful of rattling cages. His critics to this day claim he "never exposed any Communists." That is not only false, but quite beside the point anyway. His efforts were primarily aimed at putting a stop to cover-up after cover-up throughout the government when it came to the issue of bouncing Communists off the public payroll once they had been discovered.

The missing files on Communists in government

If you're younger than 50 or 60, your opinion of McCarthy is probably unfavorable. That negative caricature was likely presented to you in the classroom (K-12 and in higher academia), in the media, the history books, the documentaries, entertainment, news outlets — every form of opinion-molding that you have encountered. Those outlets have a history of leaning sharply left. If you're above that age, you might have been influenced by Edward R. Murrow's distorted attack on the senator (see this column "Murrow, McCarthy, and enduring myths — Part 1," Nov. 6, 2005, and Part 2, Nov. 13, 2005), or by Army counsel Joseph Welch's theatrics at the Army-McCarthy hearings.

Talk radio — modern conservatism's most high-profile outlet — is populated by the young and middle-aged who swing to the right despite having been raised in the "Oppose communism with a feather" environment, but are quite naturally inclined to focus on the here and now, with little to say about McCarthy or the era that bears his name.

But there is yet another significant reason why the world has a distorted vision of Senator McCarthy — missing files from the National Archives and other libraries of record, including newspaper files. If we are missing some key pieces of the puzzle to history, conventional wisdoms can (and often do) collide with facts."

Well, hell... I know where the missing McCarthy files are -> geez, that's EASY: same place where the Ark of the Covenant was stored in Raiders of the lost Ark...!
So speaking of revising history, did you see the latest crap from crackpots at Time magazine:

Disgusting isn't it? Pure leftist propaganda. The American Glob (hattip iOwnTheWorld) explains:

"TIME Magazine’s February 2011 issue has a cover that features Ronald Reagan with his arm around a jovial Barack Obama. This is propaganda. Plain and simple.

Anyone who knows anything about Ronald Reagan knows that he would not only disapprove of everything Obama stands for, he would be the first one to call out Obama as the leftist, liberal, big government Democrat he is.

Ronald Reagan warned America about ObamaCare 50 years ago. Do you think he would want to be photoshopped onto a magazine cover yukking it up with his political nemesis?

It’s no secret that since the November 2010 “shellacking” the Obama loving media has been desperately trying to re-brand Captain Priorities as a practical centrist but this is ridiculous."

History revision? Yep... and a lame attempt at that. Don't fall for it...


  1. The left also often confuses McCarthy and the house unamerican activities committee which never overlapped. And don't forget that McCarthy wanted closed hearings but the Dems voted for show trials.

  2. hi Michael... the left confuses a LOT of stuff, you got that right!!! thanks for stopping by