Tuesday, January 25, 2011

if you can bear it, reality on rhetoric and targets

Check out above previously used USA DEMOCRATIC "targeting strategy" map! Were THEY promoting VIOLENCE and SHOOOOOOTING?

Why did the DailyKos specifically target Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona? Were THEY promoting her demise? Did they want her actually DEAD?!

"no, no, nooooooo" you say... this is all just political strategery! Well, yes... that is correct!

Same EXACT thing when Sarah Palin or ANYONE in politics uses these maps. This just poli-speak. Get used to it!

And about the mindless, Palin Derangement Syndrome still being suffered the old guard media and their coverage of the Tuscon AZ shooting - and those that still believe their lies (that would be YOU anonymous!), from AT's Allegory of the Cave of the Mama Grizzly By Clarice Feldman:

"James Taranto ... decides that it is liberal women with an outdated, blinkered view of feminism who are driving the left's hatred of Palin."

"...of all the good explanations I read this week of the hatred directed at Palin and the derangement respecting her views and conduct, his comes the closest to the mark. Yes, many liberal women irrationally hate Palin, but I think they hate her because her very life is dragging them into the sunshine, where they have momentarily lost their way. Right now, Palin's very life is an affront to them -- she's beautiful, powerful, and the center of a large family -- and most of them are not.

It will take these people some time to see that it is their own views and conduct, not Palin's, that is responsible for the distinction. Moreover, I think liberal women are not alone in this temporary mental disordering. I think others at first will hate Palin for taking them into the blinding light, but that with time and more media stunts like last week's, they and the Times and USA readers, the present consumers of the medias' distortions, will get some glimpses of life outside the cave and come to realize the distinction between truth and reality on one hand and projected lies and make-believe on the other."

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