Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ramirez easily debunks the AZ lefty rhetoric


  1. Hi LisaG,
    Noticed your brief silence perhaps for the obvious reason.
    I hope this tragedy hasn't directly affected you and yours.
    I anchor to a blog 'Thunder Tales' to pick up my stateside news from there and linked sites.
    The immediate concensus from astute people was that he was a lone nutcase and the liberals would ignore facts and attack, but little other comment.
    I checked th NZ Herald (Yuk) and sure enough one of its travelling lefties had written 'Politics of fear spawn politics of the gun'.
    It annoyed me enough to register and comment
    1. Your Hypothesis is false he had been planning since 2007 and is incoherent.
    2. The TEA Party is NOT part of the Republican party...

    I was polite and concise but it never got past the thought police. I care not, I told at least 1 leftie!.

    As you say, the US gets misrepresented in NZ.
    Also NZ'ers dont realise the paramount importance attached to individual rights there.
    If they did, such things as US gun laws would be
    clearer to them. We can but speak up, be polite and patient. - well maybe not always polite!.

  2. hi nzgarry, yes, the onslaught of lies from the left was really over the top. They got a whuppin' though from the alternative media push back against their lies... which to me is hopeful.

    I am tired of being lied to by the old media and now really only rely on new media for truth (trust but verify).

    Notice how not much was said about the conservative federal judge who was killed? The left media only focused on the attempt at killing Giffords.

    The left media WANTED another incident like Oklahoma bombing because they are desparate to get more support for their chosen POTUS: TheWon.

    I think they blew it with their over the top lying when even the goofy ladies on "the view" and some others on left were strongly defending Palin.

    Did you catch how DailyKos had TARGETTED AZ and Giffords? That was removed... They want to delete their truth and make up lies to be the new truth.

    Too bad the majority of Americans are aware of this...

    The NZ Herald has 1 pimply 20 year old leftist trolling for anti-mainstream USA news and only pro-love-kumbaya for TheWon articles. What a joke...

    cheers from me... oh & I was busy gardening and helping my hubby for a few days... I'll try to keep up my blog sir! :)

  3. p.s. I recommend checking a couple of these daily to get USA truth-news & center/right commentary: