Friday, July 31, 2009

Prepared for an emergency?

Do you think you are prepared for an emergency? Probably depends what type of emergency it is before you could answer.

An unexpected car crash?
A natural disaster?
A family member falls suddenly ill or dies?
A stranger or animal is wounded severely right in front of you?
How about a large scale bombing in the city you live?
Do you have a weapon and could you use it to defend your family if necessary?
How about if an enemy detonates an EMP (electro magnetic pulse type of bomb) which would disable all electronics for your entire country?
What if your countries currency was declared worthless and you suddently had absolutely no money or investments whatsoever?

Disaster scenarios... do you ever think about them? Do you feel prepared for the worst case?

It can be freaky to think about these types of things. However, people should prepare themselves mentally, physically and financially for various emergencies. Life can and will spring them on you without warning. Be warned... bad things do happen.

I live on an island with 40 dormant volcanoes surrounding my immediate city. There are active volcanoes a few hours away... I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have a few emergency supplies on hand in case a big one hits. You know, some canned food & water for my family and animals maybe for about 2-3 months. A short wave radio would be good, too, especially if my area loses power. We have a small emergency kit at home to treat injuries. I'm thinking about it, but I haven't bought supplies yet... I'm not really prepared.

"The big one"... maybe you've lived through a "big" emergency. How did you deal with it?

I still remember how freaked out I, the city of Chicago, the entire U.S.A and in fact probably a good part of the westernized world was when 9/11/2001 happened.

That was a shocker.

I was watching live news with co-workers 1 block away from the Chicago Sears Tower when the 2nd tower was hit. We knew we were being attacked.

My immediate thought: I do not want to be 1 block away from a large sky scraper if airliners were targetting large cities. Time to go!

Chicago's train service rallied taking thousands of frantic commuters back home, away from the city center as Chicago closed down. Metra (train service) had an emergency plan. The city was orderly and quickly evacuated. Metra was prepared. They handled the thousands of people streaming into stations, dispatchers working their magjc to get trains running. Good plan, executed skillfully.

Do you think America, or any western country, would be prepared if an EMP hit? A nuclear bomb? If I was the unlucky recipient of a nuclear bomb, I think I'd want to leave the planet and not be there to dealing with a horrible, lingering fallout.

Do you think appeasing your enemy means they won't launch an attack on you?

A better example: Does a playground bully stop tormenting a weaker kid who;
a) tries to be nice to the bully
- or-
b) stands up for themselves?

Being nice to the bully doesn't work - ask any kid. This is a simplistic way to explain how BHO's policies of being nice to enemy dictators will not work. America needs to carry a big stick and not put the stick down to hug the bullies.

Would you give your freedoms away if your government promises you safety? Really?

What if it turns out, the government is the bully? What would you do then? That happened when Britain did not want to grant US colonies their freedom.

What would you do to protect your freedom? It is happening in Iran right now. The people are fighting for their freedom and dying for it.

A lot of smart people see the huge storm encroaching, creeping stealthily towards America... it is being orchestrated from within...

... hopefully Americans are prepared.

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