Thursday, July 16, 2009

A tourist destination

My niece's beau asked me this week if I still consider myself a tourist in NZ. Hmm... tough one. We've seen quite a bit of the north island, but there is a lot more we haven't seen.

This past March my friend of 20 years from the USA came to visit and we drove all over Auckland showing her around. We had so much fun and had her almost convinced (no pressure) to move here some day.
She was up for it.
Little bit of stuff we did:
  • Site seeing volanic areas and old bath house museum in Rotorua
  • Strolling the black sand and surf at Piha Beach
  • Watching horse races at Karekare Beach
  • Gannet colony view at Muriwai Beach
  • Ferry ride and fishing on Auckland harbor
  • Under water world at Kelly Tarlton's

Her description to friends back in Chicago: "... sort of like Hawaii on steroids".

I like it.
I suppose until I do a fair bit more site seeing, I'm definitely not "a local". I can understand most of the accent and phrases and I can tell you so far, it is great fun living in a tourist destination.
We have a guest room. Any takers...? ;)
Good on ya mate

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