Friday, July 17, 2009

What was great about America

I just finished reading a great post on America's Right by Jeff Schreiber. He is going on a family trip for 3 weeks and his article today is called "I miss America already". A good read leaving me a bit teary mid way through. I agree with a lot of what Jeff misses already. Here are a few tidbits:

"I miss the America I saw as autumn turned to winter in 2001" ... "I miss an America that stood defiant against those who wished us harm" and "This afternoon, I leave behind a nation run by elected officials who hold the prospect of power in perpetuity in higher esteem than prosperity, growth, security and freedom. It's a nation I no longer recognize, and every single day she seems to be the apple falling further and further away from the Tree of Liberty. We've departed radically from the ideas and ideals of our founders, and we've done so in a relatively short period of time."

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My wonderful husband has said I've changed a bit since Obummer got elected. I'm not as much fun, more upset than usual and a tad boring.

He's right.

My new favorite hobby is scouring the net hoping for any good news on the growing list of elibility lawsuits, updates on stopping the steam rolling socialist policy indocrinations (hello, bills passed without being read or debated?!) ... or looking for information I can post on Facebook hoping to influence liberal or apathetic friends and family who are mostly deer in headlights.

Sorry, don't mean to offend any of my USA peeps, but ignoring the march to socialism won't make it go away... Don't agree its 'bad' or even 'socialism'? OK, call it marxism, statism, communism -> these are all the same ideas where government rules absolutely and the polar opposite of freedom and individual exceptionalism. Stop - drinking - the - koolaid - already.

Sometimes I even hope the admittedly biased American media will quit towing the company paid line and do their job to investigate BHO's sordid and hidden background. Oh wait, they are being paid to promote the agenda. I forgot, silly me.



I, for one, have a LOT of hope things will change for the better. It will only happen if the people of America really wake up.

  • Get or stay involved
  • Go to T.E.A. parties
  • Educating others
  • Join local conservative groups
  • Run for local office

Don't just sit back and assume elected officials will do what they are supposed to do - most elected officials only care one thing: staying elected officials.

I know I can't do much from over here in NZ. I would get heavily involved if we ever move back to the USA. I'm still a proud USA natural born citizen. "We the people" need to take back America to the great Republic she is supposed to be.

Leadership like Sarah Palin will help. The more the left tries to destroy her, the more power and support she will gain. She, unlike Bambi, has been thoroughly and completely vetted.

America needs her leadership and those like her if America is to survive.

Otherwise, like Jeff S., I, along with many others, will always miss the America which once was.

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